Eastbrook: One Month Later

The memories of November 6th are still vivid in the mind of Virginia Lay. She's currently living with her son until her home can be fixed. But she's lucky, just two doors down the homes were completely wiped out.

Debris and destruction could be seen for miles at Eastbrook four weeks ago. Now, there is just empty concrete and mud.

The physical reminders are gone, but the emotional wounds will take longer to heal.

Lay recalls, "I could hear the people crying and hollering, and help me and please help me, and calling for their relatives and their children; it was bad."

One month later Virginia is focusing on the future and the prospect of moving back into her home.

She says, "I wanted to kinda be in here before Christmas, but I don't think that's going to happen."

Some residents aren't coming back to Eastbrook, but Virginia says this will always be her home.

Eastbrook's attorney says they will take care of any additional clean up.

They need to do several things before beginning to rebuild here, but they do expect to begin selling mobile homes to fill these vacant pads within the next couple of weeks.