Alcohol & Your Body

What is the definiton of "One Drink"? No matter how it is served, here is the answer.

One 12 oz. beer at (4% alcohol)

One 5 oz. glass of wine (11% alcohol)

One 1.5 oz. shot of hard liquor (40% or 80 proof)

Here are a few facts that many think are false...

1. Alcohol is toxic to the human body. When you drink too much, your blood alcohol level can rise to a point where it becomes poisonous.

2. Nothing can speed the rate of sobering up. The liver breaks down alcohol at .5 oz per hour. Caffeine, food and water or sleep does not help this process.

3. Alcohol, like other drugs, does have withdrawal symptoms. The common hangover is similar to symptoms of withdrawal from narcotics, and depressants.

4. Your motor coordination can be affected as many as ten hours after you finished your last drink.

5. The amount of alcohol it takes to pass out is close to the amount it could take to kill you.

6. When you drink too much, that is the same as overdosing. Same as with a depressant drug, alcohol slows the nervous system, decreases heart rate, and slows breathing.

Here are the percentages generally of Blood Alcohol Level

.02 % - lightheaded
.05 % - warm and relaxed
.08 % - legally drunk in most states
.10 % - lack of coordination and balance
.15 % - memory loss, and possible blackout
.20 % - vomiting
.25 % - emotional and physical numbness
.30 % - drunken stupor
.35 % - breathing may stop
.40 % - coma

From the American Council for Drug Education. All rights reserved.