Looters Hit Tornado Damaged Area

They survived the tornado, but now they're fighting-off looters.

Residents in a Newburgh subdivision, slammed by the November 6 twister are counting their losses again as thieves make-off with what's left of their homes. The Warrick County sheriff's office is investigating several cases of looting over the weekend in the Willowbrook subdivision.

Thieves stole a wide variety of items, including kitchen cabinets, aluminum siding and even a hot tub. Homeowner Angela Moseley say the looters are heartless. "We've went through so much and lost so much and what we had left somebody feels like they need it worse than we do. They're just taking from my kids is all they did"

Willowbrook resident Jeff Kohl says, "It makes me sick if those same people lived in this neighborhood and went through this you know, and helped these people get their furniture and lives back in order to see them come in and steal their stuff, it's just ridiculous"

The homeowners say there have been so many workers coming in and out of homes to do repairs or remove furniture, it's difficult to tell who's legitimate, and who should not be there.