Can't Get In To IU? Ivy Tech Can Help

Students who fall short of stricter academic standards to enter Indiana University but seem likely to succeed with some help will be able to gain admission with the help of credit hours earned at Ivy Tech.

Beginning next fall, about 150 students will live in IU Bloomington dorms while taking classes at Ivy Tech-Bloomington under a new collaboration called "Hoosier Link."

Under the program announced Friday, the IU admissions office will look for students who do not meet university academic standards but seem likely to succeed with help.

During each semester of their first year, students will take at least ten credit hours from Ivy Tech and a three-credit IU class.

When the students complete 26 Ivy Tech credits with a grade-point average of two-point-five or better, they can enroll at IU.

Source: AP, All Rights Reserved.