Newburgh's Open for Business!

They're starting to see some progress with cleanup in Newburgh.

All of the roads around Newburgh are open despite some signs saying otherwise; however, many retailers say those signs are hurting business.

Parking lots, which are usually filled with holiday shoppers, are empty.

Kendra Martin of Suburban Landscaping says, "Normally this time of year we're a Christmas shop so we have tons of people coming in to see our product."

But since the F-3 twister left its wrath on much of Newburgh, business has been slow.

Kendra thinks that people either don't know how to get to the business or assume that the businesses are no longer open.

Luckily Newburgh's downtown stores and restaurants were spared from the tornado's destruction, and businesses are even stepping up advertising to get the word out that they're up and running.

Phone calls keep coming in to some businesses with potential customers making sure they can pay a visit.

Flashing signs lining many roads may be keeping customers out, but business owners say streets are open for shoppers to get downtown.

In order to avoid cleanup areas, use Sharon Road or Covert into Newburgh.

Again, the Warrick County Sheriff's Department says all roads in Newburgh are now open to traffic.