AZ Student Handcuffed, Drugged In School

School officials in Arizona are in trouble and parents are seething, after a third-grade girl was reportedly brought to school in handcuffs, then forced to take pills.

"This never should have happened. This child never should have been brought into a classroom full of kids." Parents at a PTA meeting are asking some tough questions after a third-grade girl arrives at school Tuesday in handcuffs.

Teachers watched in horror. "We saw it. We are appalled by it and that is all we could really do."

Tami Davis' little girl is still talking about it. "She told me they brought her in handcuffs, kicking and screaming, then they handcuffed her feet, and we were told not to talk about it, and that's basically what she told me."

Students claim the little girl was so distraught, the school psychologist forced pills down her throat. "I understand medicines were used that were totally illegal and should have never been there."

The school district is looking into what happened. They claim the girl had a fight with her mother that morning. "There was a police intervention; the girl brought to school in handcuffs," says Karyn Morse.

An investigation is underway, but there is already some fallout. The principal and psychologist were placed on administrative leave.

School District Spokesperson Karyn Morse says, "We take these allegations seriously, which is why we do our internal investigation and put staff members on leave until it's completed."

Source: AP, All Rights Reserved.