Items Found Far From Storm's Path

Dudley Dames in his yard where tornado debris was found.
Dudley Dames in his yard where tornado debris was found.

Reporter: Emily Sinovic

"I didn't hear anything drastic not like a tornado was over head and I didn't see anything."

In fact, Dudley Dame's house is just fine in Rumsey, Kentucky, 20 miles away from where the tornado hit.

It's his yard that's looks a little rough. "I looked outside...and I saw insulation all over the place."

That was his first clue. "Their houses are here, what wasn't tore up all to pieces, it's here."

He's collected so much debris, "Well, I have no idea what this is... Some kind of aluminum." he could start building a second home, with access to the Pennyrile Parkway.

A partial road sign from that also made it to Dudley's fish pond. "I saw this and I said, woah..." That's about ten miles away. "When did they move the parkway to my fishpond.. Pennyrile Parkway?" He can't quite explain how everything got here. "Iassume this tornado effect of holding stuff in the air was giving out." Or what happened to it on the way. "Got a drink jug here with a piece of wood drive through it... Now that would be pretty hard to do by hand." But he does know he's pretty lucky. "Those people with their houses tore up, they didn't get to laugh at all... It's strange what happens."