Using the Latest Technology

Zyoptix uses Orbscan mapping and wavefront measurement to perform customized LASIK.

Wavefront Measurement
This allows performance of customized treatment. A sophisticated instrument known as and aberrometer measures light exiting the pupil. A computer then mathematically converts this information to and advancing wave of light and stores this to a floppy disc. The laser reads the disc to perform a customized treatment. This produces better than 20/20 vision and improved night vision in many patients

Orbscan IIz
The Orbscan is an essential piece of technology for evaluating LASIK candidates. Corneal thickness for the entire surface of the cornea is accurately measured. Most standard ultrasonic measurements are only performed centrally and at a few midpoints. The Orbscan is the only technology that provides a true three-dimensional view of the cornea.

The Microkeratome creates the corneal flap in LASIK. Welborn Clinic Laser Vision Center uses the Hansatome, the most highly utilized microkeratome worldwide. It has the longest track record for safety and dependability and a number of internal safety features.

Eye Tracking Technology
The Bausch & Lomb Technolas 217z is equipped with an active tracker that follows any detected eye movement. If the eye moves outside of a predetermined range the laser will pause and resume when the eye returns within the range. This tracking system is unique in that no pupillary dilation is required. Centration provides a higher safety level if done according to the natural un-dilated pupil.