Frequently Asked Questions About LASIK

How does LASIK work?
The term LASIK literally means "to reshape the cornea from within using laser". After drops are used to numb the eye, a small flap of tissue is gently lifted from the front of the cornea. The laser is then used to reshape the cornea into a flatter curvature, this procedure lasts 10-90 seconds. The flap is then replaced and heals without the need for stitches.

How long has LASIK been performed?
The microkeratome has been used successfully for over 25 years and the excimer laser has been in use for over 12 years in the United States.

Will I be put to sleep?
No. You will receive several drops of topical anesthesia to numb the eye. In addition to the drops, you will also be given an oral medication to help you relax.

Is there any discomfort to LASIK?
Most do not experience discomfort during the procedure. Some patients experience a mild sensation that may feel like an eyelash in the eye during the first evening.

How long does the procedure take?
Patients begin receiving eye drop medication just prior to the procedure. The procedure itself takes approximately 15 minutes per eye, with the actual laser treatment time lasting 10 to 90 seconds per procedure.

Where are the procedures done?
The FDA certified Bausch & Lomb Technolas Scanning Excimer Laser utilized in surgery is located at our Laser Vision Center at 4411 Washington Avenue, Evansville.

When can I go back to work?
With LASIK, most patients can return to work within 1 - 2 days.