Choices...Vision Correction the Welborn Way

Our seasoned and experienced LASIK team has a five year record of providing dependable, first-rate results. We are now proud to offer two additional choices for vision correction:

The crystalens implant provides full focus vision for distance, intermediate and near vision for qualified patients. For a limited time, Welborn Vision Center is offering a special introductory offer on the crystalens proceedure! Call 474.7100 for details.

If you have been disappointed in the past because you were not a candidate for LASIK, Verisyse implants are now available to correct your nearsightedness.

If you would like more information on these exciting new procedures or would like to attend a FREE lunch and educational seminar provided by Dr. Andrew Tharp, Welborn Clinic Ophthalmologist, please contact Amanda at 474.7100. Come see the difference!