A Time of Reflection

On Sunday Tri-staters gathered as a community to remember the events of this past week.

Sunday's benefit concert by the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra raised more money to go to tornado relief efforts. And before the concert, Tri-staters gathered for a prayer service at Bethel Temple to remember the victims, and find hope for the future. Both of Sunday's events were chances for this battered community to gather and heal.

After a traumatic week for the Tri-state, it seems only fitting that on Sunday the community pause and reflect on the seven days since the tornado.

"I think everybody that's gone through anything devastating has to have a group that they can go to and kind of relieve themselves, and gain some energy out of this darkness of despair and tragedy and loss, there's been a bright shining light. A bright shining of this community's compassion, and its giving spirit," comments Mayor Weinzapfl.

Worshippers gathered at Bethel Temple to remember the lives lost, but to celebrate the spirit of recovery and rebuilding that permeated much of this week.

Weinzapfl says, "Yes, we take care of our own, but you know what? We also take care of others, and we take care of our neighbors. And that is what makes this a wonderful community. And makes me so proud to be its mayor."

Carol Smith-Gerth says, "I think that they just need to hold onto what they know, and to trust that tomorrow's gonna be another day, a better day than what today holds."