Some Residents May Begin Moving Back

Reporter: Jonathan Hardison

Many residents of Eastbrook are just now getting a chance to look for any personal belongings the F3 twister didn't destroy.

Several residents saw the damage for the first time Saturday - some, after being released from the hospital late this week. Family members and friends pitched in, to salvage as many valuables as possible. Cheryl Chaffin says, "It was hard when I saw it the first time. But leaving it today is going to be really hard, because this was our lives."

We have some important information for Eastbrook residents, whose homes were not severely damaged by the storm. As early as Sunday, Eastbrook officials hope to begin scheduling walk-through appointments for Monday and Tuesday with building inspectors.

If a home passes inspection, and the water and gas can be reconnected, residents may be able to move back as early as Wednesday.