Tornado Victim Donations & Benefits Continue

Tri-Staters continue to donate money and supplies for tornado victims. Saturday, Salvation Army volunteers in Evansville were busy sorting truckloads of donated food, paper goods, and toiletries.

After sorting, volunteers will be busy the rest of this weekend and Monday, distributing the supplies to hundreds of families in need. Salvation Army Captain Nathan Harms tells us, "Starting Monday, when we do our voucher system for victims, we'll be packing boxes and care packages - that sort of thing - and they'll be filled with food and learning supplies and that sort of thing."

Two to three more truckloads of supplies are expected to arrive before Monday.

And Sunday, several benefits are being held for tornado victims.

Bethel Temple in Evansville will be holding a service of Hope and Healing at 1:00 in the afternoon. Sunday evening at 8:00, the Evansville Philharmonic will hold a benefit concert at the Victory Theatre. Donations can be made before and after the concert.

Be there with us as both are broadcasted live on 14 WFIE.