Losing Isaiah: A Mother's Heartache

Tornado survivors are starting to return to the the Eastbrook Mobile Home park Wednesday, to look for personal belongings. The sheriff's department says these residents should prepare themselves, for the destruction and the emotional strain that's in store for them.

Some families however, won't get the chance to return...together.

There were 150 homes damaged or completely destroyed at Eastbrook. The Blaylock home was one of them. A four-year-old, his grandparents and his father left a mother with nothing but heartache, and the memory of a terrifying phone call eary Sunday morning. "At 3:00, we got a call that they had his body at the morgue and we went down there to identify it ,and it was him."

Jessica Hendricks didn't spend that Sunday night with her four-year-old son, Isaiah. He was in the Eastbrook Mobile Home park with his father, Brandon, and his grandparents, Beverly and Gene Blaylock. All four died when the F3 tornado ripped through the park.

Cheri Schroeder is Isaiah's great aunt and his grandfather Gene's sister. "What woke him up was the shaking of the trailer. At that time, he said no one had time to do anything. They didn't hear sirens or anything." Isaiah's uncle Chad was also in the Blaylock home and he told Schroeder what happened. "The roof came off the mobile home and my nephew, Chad, was sucked out the roof. While he was in the air, he saw the mobile home explode. That's the last he remembered, until he woke up in the lake."

The terror of that night is something the remaining members of this family will try to forget. "I try to remember that fact every day, that he is special and not to take anything for granted. So I try not to. He lived the fullest for four years. He lived to the fullest."

They say Isaiah spent his last minutes with people he loved. People he frequently spoke of. "Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa. If you'd ask him something, Grandpa did it, Grandpa showed me how to do it. Grandpa this, Grandpa that. He was happy."

Now, his mother can only hope his happiness wasn't replaced by terror, during his last minutes of life. "I'm hoping that he had so much fun with them, right up until he went to bed that night. And I hope that he was asleep, and that he didn't experience any fear or pain, but I'll never know."

Isaiah's uncle Chad, who was also in the home, survived and is now recovering at Deaconess Hospital. It is a miraculous story of survival in the midst of this family's pain. Chad was thrown from the mobile home and woke up later in a nearby lake, miraculously alive.