November Nightmare: The Day After

UPDATE: 6PM MON: Vanderburgh County authorities are asking for your help in locating some missing residents of Eastbrook Mobile Home Park. They are:

Stanley Evans
Robert John-Fraize
David Hubble
Scott Morthland
Keith Payne Neuffer
Kishianna Payne Neuffer

If you know where any of these people are, please contact the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department at 812-435-5713.


Mail is still being delivered in Newburgh, but only to areas that aren't blocked off. Residents who aren't getting their mail may it up at the Newburgh Post Office Tuesday. Residents of Eastbrook can pick up their mail at the Lawndale branch post office on south Green River Road in Evansville.


The Tri-State Food Bank is offering assistance for tornado victims for many food and hygiene items. Their hours are Monday through Friday, 8am-4:30pm CST. Call 812-425-0775 for information.


Residents, relief workers and contractors all must be identified and register before they can enter the hardest hit areas of Newburgh. That prompted confusion, long lines and some frustration Monday morning at Crossroads Church. By Monday afternoon, most of the details had been worked out and things were moving more smoothly.

Warrick County authorities say they hope to ease the restrictions on Tuesday.


The restrictions on entering the hard hit areas includes the animal relief workers, such as the Vanderburgh Humane Society, which has been caring for animals separated from their owners in the storms.

Humane Society spokesperson Jennifer Preston tells Newswatch that Animal Control has personnel stationed at the command post. When lost animals are brought there, they're turned over to the Humane Society. If you're looking for a lost pet, contact the Vanderburgh Humane Society at 812-426-2563, or the Warrick Pet Adoption Center at 812-305-7877.

UPDATE, 3PM MON: Warrick County schools are closed again Tuesday as clean-up continues from the tornado.

Webster County High School is also closed the rest of the week for storm damage clean-up.

The Warrick County Red Cross is posting these phone numbers for help and volunteers:
Volunteer Opportunities: 812-305-1457
Missing Person Info: 812-305-4686
Family Services Info: 812-305-7683
Sheltering Info: 812-305-4684

UPDATE, 2PM MON: The body of another victim has been found in the Eastbrook Mobile Home park area.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Brad Ellsworth tells Newswatch they recovered the body after draining a retention pond. He's not releasing the name of the victim at this time. That discovery brings the death toll to 18 at Eastbrook in the disaster.

UPDATE, MON, 9:50 AM: Area hospitals are still treating tornado victims Monday morning. Here is the latest information from St. Mary's and Deaconess.

Sam Rogers at Deaconess says 31 people were admitted with tornado-related injuries. Six are in critical condition, seven are serious and 18 are in fair condition.

Jeff Jones with St. Mary's says they admitted 30 patients Sunday night and their conditions range from fair to critical.

A state of emergency remains in effect for Warrick County but dozens of Tri-Staters are getting permission to help out fellow neighbors in need.

Two area churches are helping out Monday. Newburgh United Methodist and Epworth United Methodist Churches will be providing free meals throughout the day for tornado victims and volunteers.

Relief workers, tornado victims and volunteers are being asked to get tetanus shots if they haven't had one in the last five years. You could be exposed to tetanus through puncture wounds or wounds contaminated with feces, soil or contaminated water.

The Vanderburgh County Health Department will be giving free boosters from 1:00 to 4:30 Monday and then from 8:00 to 12:00 Tuesday.

Warrick County Sheriff's deputies tell us all roads into Newburgh are closed. If you're a Newburgh resident, you must have identification in order to enter the area. If you are volunteering in the area, you must go to Crossroads Christian Church on Lincoln Avenue, to get a pass before heading into the area.

Indiana State Police have troopers posted at all intersections. If you do not have proper identification, you will be turned away.

And Vectren reports that 5100 customers are still without power in the area, mostly in Warrick County.

The death roll remains at 21 from Sunday's deadly tornado, but authorities are worried it could rise with search efforts Monday at Eastbrook Mobile Home park.

UPDATE, MON, 5:00 AM: Most roads in and out of Newburgh are being patrolled by members of the Indiana National Guard, including the intersection of Sharon Road and State Road 66.

Guard units were called in from Vincennes and Washington, Indiana to help secure the area during the curfew, which began Sunday night at 7:00. They were checking ID and making sure only people who had business there were allowed in or out.

State police cruisers and deputies with the Warrick Country Sheriff's department were also highly visible at those checkpoints.

Additional Road Closing Information:   State Route 662 from Epworth into Newburgh is closed. 261 south of 66 is closed. All of Casey Road is closed. Pine Drive South of 66 is closed. Lincoln between Bell & Lenn is closed. Bell between Edgewood & Lincoln is closed. Yankeetown Road between Rudolph & Huffman is closed. Rockport Road south of Boonville is closed.

The Warrick County Sheriff's Department is asking motorists to avoid roads south of Highway 66.

It's been about 30 hours since the storm passed through the Tri-State. One of the hardest hit spots was the Eastbrook Mobile Home park in Evansville. Sunday night, rescuers called off the search for tornado survivors until Monday morning.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Brad Ellsworth says the twister claimed at least 22 lives , 17 of those deaths occurred at Eastbrook. Officials say five more people died in neighboring Warrick County.

Rescue crews were joined by a team from Indianapolis as they combed through the rubble. More than 100 homes in the park have been deemed uninhabitable.

In De Gonia Springs, about five miles east of Boonville, the Lockhart family's home was left in ruins. Homeowner Casey Lockhart said he barely made it out alive. He was in the bedroom when the twister hit and had to crawl from beneath the roof that collapsed upon him.

But it was just across the street, where another family wasn't so lucky. Cinder blocks now mark the place where their home once stood. The home is now in pieces, a few hundred yards away. And that's where officials found the bodies of a four-year-old, his father and his mother, who was eight months pregnant.

There's a bit of good news in all the tragedy. Rescuers found a child - alive - in a ditch at Eastbrook. Knight Township Assistant Chief Dale Naylor says rescuers found the child, who's believed to be about eight-years-old, under debris in a ditch about ten hours after the tornado ripped through the mobile home park. The boy's six-year-old sister and his father were killed in the storm, but his mother survived.

Many of the families left homeless are staying with relatives. For those who don't have that option, the Red Cross has opened two shelters: one at Crossroads Christian Church and another at the Army Reserve Center.

A big issue facing officials now is the pages and pages of names of people listed as missing. Vanderburgh County Chief Deputy Eric Williams says their goal now is to account for all those people. "That does not mean that those people were here and are in this location now are going to be victims, or that all those people that could have been in this area. We've still got to jive those lists that they are calling into the Red Cross, along with these lists that we have of people that own trailers here, and account for those people. We need to know where those people are."

If you think your name might be on the list of the missing, you are asked to contact the Red Cross after 8:00 Monday morning, so they can account for you. The number is 471-7200.

Vectren reports 5,100 customers are still without power Monday, and they say it might be a couple of days before it's restored, due to the extent of the damage. Vectren spokesman Mike Roeder says most of those still without power are in the Boonville area of Warrick County. At one point, about 13,000 Vectren customers were without electricity.

Indiana Homeland Security spokeswoman Pam Bright says it was the deadliest tornado in Indiana since April 3rd, 1974, when an outbreak of several tornadoes killed 47 people and destroyed more than 2000 homes.