Clean-up Information From Purdue Extension Service

From: Larry Caplan
A surprise tornado swept through the south side of Evansville and parts of Warrick County Saturday night.  As I write this on Sunday afternoon, 25 people have been killed and over 150 injured by the storm.  Many people have been left homeless. 
My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of Saturday night's storm and their families.
There is not a lot that we can do right now, other than be prepared to donote to local relief drives.  In the mean time, the best I can offer is some links on storm damage:
Tornadoes: Extension Disaster Education Network: (This site will have useful information about dealing with lack of electricity, cleanup, etc.)
Storm Damage to Landscape Trees and Shrubs (Purdue):
Storm Damage to Landscape Trees: Prediction, Prevention, Treatment (Minnesota):
Can These Trees Be Saved? (N. Carolina Div. of Forestry):
Hoping all of my readers are OK....