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Plese pass this thank you to all who helped in everyone's time of need...We will never be able to say thanks to all of the kind folk's who helped us and our neighbors after this terrible disaster....Our hearts go out to all the families who lost loved ones and to those who lost their homes..We were lucky....we still have a home, and our family is together...God bless everyone!  Thanks to all once again..
                        Ron, Kathy, and Ashley
Could you please put some information on your internet site as to the damage in the Owens Drive, Melody Lane areas of Newburgh?  I haven't seen anything about these areas and know that they were also hit.  A picture or two would be much appreciated.  I formerly lived on Owens Drive and I am told that my old house was hit and destroyed.  It is very unfortunate because the people who bought my house had previously lost their home due to fire.  The lady had several small children.  I would really like to know if the kids were ok
(Note: This e-mail comes from a student in Osnabruck, Germany, Evansville's sister city, who spent a month here this fall with an exchange program)
Oh, I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that you are okay. My friends told me at school today, what happened to Evansville. I immediately thought of you and I really worried about you. Just now I wanted to write you an e-mail to ask you if you're okay then I saw your e-mail. I never believed that a tornado would reach Indiana, I thought that only happens at the eastcoast of Amerika. I'm really shocked, but I'm happy that you're okay!! They are talking about Evansville at TV all the time and everyone worries about you here and the government of Osnabrück wanted us to contact you, too because they wanted to know if they can do something for you, for our sistertown. I hope none of youre friends are suffering from this tornado and that something like that will never happen again.

My family would like to thank you for your updated information via the internet of the tornado damage. We have relocated to Mundesley, England for the next 10 months from Evansville and were so grateful to have your website and video available to inform us of our town as well as our family and friends from both Vanderburgh and Warrick counties.

Prior to this situation, we routinely awoke to view the previous nightly newscast to keep up-to-date with "home". You do not know how much it means to see the familiar faces of our news team and know the "goings-on" in your community when one is so far away. Your dedication to the community has been a blessing to our family. And we thank you.

Sincere Regards,

Roy, Laura, Kellie and Neil Ackerman

I am not sure who to contact for this idea. But here it goes I would like for the people that come too the Brad Pasley concert on Dec 6th too bring at least 2 cans of non parrishable items too help the food bank and too help the tornado victims!!! Let me know what you guys think???



Daniels,Bayh,Weinzapfel,Elsworth,Williams----Where's Hostetler?A disaster in his backyard and he,s nowhere around.What is his problem?Elsworth has got my vote!

I grew up in Evansville but am in Indy now. My family lives in Newburgh and Evansville. So does my very best friend. I am writing this because several of these people that I love came very near being killed by a tornado. Thankfully they are all ok. However, I am curious about the alarm system. Having lived in a home with a storm siren, literally, in the back yard I know how loud those sirens are, come 1 pm Saturday. On an otherwise quiet day, the sun on my kitchen window would vibrate from the sound.My friend, who lives in the home with a siren in the back yard, happened to call me Saturday afternoon around 1 pm. We only got to speak for a couple of minutes since the siren was too loud for us to hear each other. She was awake when her power went off in Newburgh and had been watching The Weather Channel. It had only mentioned a thunderstorm warning minutes before she heard a siren at 10 till 2am. She assumed it was for the thunderstorm warning and went to bed. Before she fell asleep she thought she may have heard the siren again but wasn't sure. It wasn't until morning that she found about the tornado.   I wonder if it was a siren she heard the second time???? I wonder why The Weather Channel only reported a thunderstorm warning???? And wouldn't you think that the person with the siren in their backyard would hear it the best??? From what I've read, she's the only one who did hear it... I think there need to be some upgrades with the alert system. Thanks for listening. Be safe.
---Indy Duck
To all of those affected by the recent tornado my heart goes out to all of you.  My home was not damaged -only my heart.  I had friends who lost their home, a neighbor, and a coworker both of which were good friends of theirs.  Their loss was incredible yet little about Yankeetown Road or the rest of the Boonville area that was devastated has been covered by the media.  The last I checked  Newburgh wasn't the only town in Warrick County.    The  media  covered only Newburgh students returning to school today.  This has touched so many other children including mine.  My youngest (six years old)  wouldn't go to sleep Sunday -crying she didn't want to die.  No one in Boonville wants to disregard the horror that Newburgh residents have gone through we just want you to know that MANY Boonville residents have suffered too.

We had a family member call us to worn us about the tornado heading into Newburgh Sunday morning. My house faces Castle Jr. High School. I got up and went to the front porch to see what it looked like outside and saw nothing out of the ordinary. I am trying to recall if the power was on when I first went outside and can not remember. I went and got a radio with batteries and tried for about 10 minutes to find a station that was giving any warnings or information. Every station I found had music and nothing else. Are the stations pre-programmed? I just took it as another false alarm and sat outside on the front porch. My wife woke our daughter up and had her in the bathroom in the middle of the house. At one point we heard a fairly loud whistling sound that came and went pretty quick. Shortly after that we started hearing all the sirens and realized then that something serious had happened. A friend called and said his uncles house was hit bad on Pine Drive. My brother and I tried to drive over going behind Castle and when we topped the hill all the telephone poles were snapped in half and pieces from houses laid all over the place. It made me upset that it was that close to my house and I did not take it as serious as I should have because I could not find anywhere to get information that a tornado had actually touched down and was headed my way. I wonder if anyone else had the same situation? Seems there should be a better way to get information to people once the power goes out. Maybe there is and I just do not know it. Someone said 92.5 carries the TV station in emergencies. All I know is that I sure did not find a one giving any information that night until it was too late.


I am completely appalled by the message that I read where the writer was obviously more interested in slinging mud at the residents of Newburgh than offering condolences to the tornado victims. 

First and foremost, I would like to offer my deepest sympathies to anyone affected by Sunday morning's tornado-whether they live in Kentucky, Evansville, Newburgh, Boonville, Degonia Springs or Tennyson. 

And to the person who wrote the e-mail making generalizations and assumptions about everyone that lives in Newburgh, I ask this...Isn't this a time to pull together and help our neighbors put their lives back together rather than calling them names?  Isn't this a time to thank God that more lives were not lost in this terrible storm?  Isn't this a time to reach out to the families who did lose loved ones and offer our support?  How petty, insensitive and shallow can you be?  You should be ashamed of yourself! 

I'm not sure what newscasts you were watching because I saw plenty of coverage on the damaged portions of Yankeetown Road (which is in Boonville) and Degonia Springs.  And by the way, do some research before you open your mouth next time...the areas affected by the tornado in Newburgh were middle class neighborhoods not the "rich stick in the mud" neighborhoods as you put it.  And I'm sure that their residents are real, honest and hard working also.  Grow up and get over yourself!  There is a time and place for all opinions.  Save yours for the appropriate time and place!

Cori Girten

We have been covering the tornado here in Indy with great interest and despair as I moved here from Newburgh in 1998. I have friends in Newburgh and Warrick Co. I had not heard that Yankeetown road was affected until tonight. I used to live on corner of Frame Rd and Framewood Dr.and was wondering if our house survived. Mike Fox on Frame wood call me! 9I lost your phone number. Was there damage on Pine Dr just west of 66 and 261? Any info will be appreciated. Good luck to all, may God bless you. Greg Waltz, Greenwood IN
I am sorry about what has happened there but can the people who still have a warm home open up their house to those who have lost everything.  why should a hotel who has already gone out of their way and probably lost much business by now also have to take the brunt of the cost of housing.  Maybe they are reimbursed, huh? 
Anyway. Not trying to be too critical.  We all have to stand before the Maker and answer to why we did not help when we could have.
Thanks, Dawn

I saw a posting on your website from a person that was wondering about Kenosha Hills that has moved from there to Madison, Wisconsin three years ago. Maybe you can post this for them to see.....My mom lives on Chippewa drive and no it did not hit there. She wasn't even aware that there was a tornado until Sunday evening when I sent someone to her house to check on her. I grew up on Chippewa Drive and I too live out of town and was frantic because I could not get a hold of my mom all day because of the phones being out. She didn't have any power from about 1:40 am Sunday morning, so she couldn't listen to the news and was unaware of the devastation all around her. I just thank God that she was OK and my heart and prayers go out to all those that were not so lucky. She has sirens right by her house and with no power and quiet in her house, she did not hear the sirens go off either. She had only been home about 10 minutes before the power went out, so she was awake and still did not hear the sirens. We hear them on Saturdays when they run the tests when we are in town, so why couldn't you hear them in complete silence?

Thank you.

The Comfort Inn has also told tornado victims staying there that they have to leave by Thurs. morning.
(Editor's note: Apparently a crunch is developing between tornado victims needing hotel rooms and a local soccer tournament scheduled for this weekend. We received these two notes from Jeff Armand, who works for an Evansville hotel.)
First message:
I was wondering if you could tell me who is sponsoring this weekend soccer tournament in Newburg, and if that tourney is still going on. The reason for my inquiry is this, and it is rather sad and disturbing, the teams coming in from out of the area are refusing to make changes in there reservation at the Drury Inn on the east side, and have even threaten to sue Drury if they are unable to keep those reservations. The reason is that currently there are many displaced families from the tornado, and they are being told that they will have to leave the only place that fro now they can call home. Having learned about this situation from several employees of the hotel, and seeing how having to tell these people who have lost everything as it is that they will have to leave at least for the weekend is very disturbing to me as well as many of the employees of the hotel who have listen to and heard the many tragic stories that these people have been through and what will continue to cope with for a very long while. I am currently a Political Science major at USI, and as a student I am appalled by the soccer teams unwillingness to show compassion in this more dire of times for many residents in the evansville area. I am also shocked that Newburgh would still be hosting a soccer tourney when so much of the town is in ruins. I should add I am a huge sports fan, and have nothing against the soccer teams for wanting to play, but at some point in time we must put our priorities in order and do the right thing in the name of humanity. We claim to be caring and compassionate nation, state, and city, but kicking people out of hotels when they have lost everything is not only cruel, but very much in my opinion unimaginable, and even unthinkable. So my hope is that the more I raise the issue and bring to the publics eyes what these people are going through now then maybe the media can perform a very helpful task in bringing to light what is happening to many of those who are, were effected by last weekends tornado. We as a society have an obligation to aid those in need, and this should include letting those  soccer teams who are refusing to cooperate with the hotel be made a public issue. Maybe if they could hear some of the stories that these people who lost everything are telling maybe those who threaten to sue the hotel over breach of contract could find the compassion to change there stance. I would appreciate the information for who is sponsoring the event, and to know if they are really planning on having this tourney this weekend still. I thank you for your time, and will be waiting for a reply with some helpful information.
Second Message:
 I am appalled that people have such a lack of compassion for the people who were adversely effected by the tornado, and worse yet feel the importance of there children playing a soccer game is more important than the people who have lost everything. I do want to also update the story a little some teams have now agreed to move, but not enough to allow those who are using the hotel as a place to call home to all remain. I want to make something clear about all this management of Drury's has been making the effort and trying diligently to work with the teams, and the people who were effected by the tornado. So in no way is Drury the bad guy here, in fact they are to be commended for their efforts, to find a compromise, it is the soccer teams themselves. I have seen and heard how listening to those effected by the storm have been impacted, and the manager there are still trying to make so these people don't have to move. I even heard of one deal that was made by a insurance company to pay for the move for the teams,  but that was not acceptable. I am not from Evansville, so to see this lack of concern and respect for your fellow human being is not the norm. Back in my hometown people would be going out of there way to assist those in needs. Personally I feel the tourney should have been postponed until such a time that the people who have been effected have a chance to regroup and collect there thoughts, and get there life pointed back into some sort of order. I thank you for your time, I did want to update the story to be as factual as I can.
Jeff Armand
I've been viewing all of the comments listed on your website, and must say that i'm appaled at the last few i've read.  There are people out there that lost their lives, their homes, and everything they knew, yet some people find the time to complain that they weren't mentioned on the news.  I can't speak for everyone, but the last thing on my mind in a situation like this would be whether or not my family or my neighborhood made the news.  All of the local and national news channels have done an excellent job of getting as much information as possible to the concerned viewers, but they can't be everywhere at once.  This is why the news channels are focusing on the heaviest hit areas.  Do you see anyone along Ellerbush Rd., or Frame Rd. in Newburgh crying that there homes weren't on the news?  No!  They're outside cleaning up, and they understand that there were areas that were hit much harder than they were.  There were MANY areas that were affected by the tornado Sunday morning, but there are only so many areas that are accessible to the public right now.  I drove to Newburgh within 10 minutes of the tornado going through town to check on friends, and even that soon after it went through, I couldn't drive anywhere on 662, Lincoln Ave. past Bell Rd., or even Hwy. 66.  I just wish people would be a little more understanding, and realize that this has affected the entire community, not just your area.  Just because you weren't on the news, doesn't mean you were forgotten.  — Brett Wilkerson,
 why in the world are you playing the 911 calls have the people and there
 friends not have enough to deal with. would you want to hear you 911 call played back for you to hear over and over thanks
hear ye hear ye for those who are condoning the news not covering Boonville Degonia springs and the Tennyson area.  We are in the tri state community also. The devastation is terrible.  The Boonville area even had deaths but little coverage of the devastation.  I live between Two Story and Maurer road and as of Wednesday morning we still do not have power but thank the lord we have our home.  Many people in that area by the highway have nothing. Newburgh and Eastbrook are also important to me because my mother is right in the area between 261, 66 and outer lincoln, elm, and I had friends in East Brook.  Also, I understand there were homes destroyed in Henderson and there was no coverage there - let us pray for all affected in every area not just Newburgh and East Brook. 

Candace S Nance


Hi..I was reading the entries about Tennyson this morning and just wanted to let everyone know that more than 100 volunteers from GE Plastics reported to Crossroads this morning and were assigned to the Tennyson area. It's a little before 9 a.m. on Wednesday and they are headed up there right now. We hope that helps relieve that situation some. Our thoughts are with the entire communty... -- Kim Derk, GE Plastics Communication

I know you are very busy and many people have questions. I hope you have a few minutes to answer my question.
Three years ago we moved from Newburgh to Madison, Wisconsin.  We lived on 10399 Chippewa Drive, Kenosha Hills subdivison for 13 years. 
I was wondering if the path of the torando went through the subdivison.  I see on your web page the path the storm took was very close to
where I use to live.
I would appreciate any information you can share with me.
Thanks so much for your time.  We are praying for our friends in Newburgh.
I have reliable information that Parkdale Animal Hospital was not damaged by the storm.  They did lose power in the building, and continue to have no electricity
This morning on Newswatch it was mentioned that The Newburgh Family Restaurant had damage – is there a report on Parkdale Animal Hospital 10188 St Rt 662?  It’s located almost across the road from the restaurant
Maybe just venting and it might sound like I'm fussing, and guess I am to a certain extent, but I am writing this for more of an inquiry for info. Most or 99% of what I am hearing on the news on ALL channels is Warrick and Vanderburgh. Channel 12 HEartland and Channel 6 Paducah has Ky info on the KY Tornadoes but I can't get those channels. Our local channels say they are the  "Tri-State" but all I hear is Indiana. Sure would like some info on the House at the beginning of the Tornado on the Ky side of the river and how to help them. My niece was life-flighted to Deaconess from Crittiden Co. when her house was leveled to the ground and they were thrown out of the second story. All three survived only because God had them in his hands. The Webster co. School roof was blown off and shut down and I believe the town is called Munfordsville, Ky that was also hit pretty good, but not sure. I haven't heard much about this other tornado or the path of this Tornado, how many places or people were affected by it, how these people can get help or assistance. Enclosed are just a couple photo's of either my niece or their house and would like to know how to get them help and also if the Telethon they are getting ready to have will benefit these in Ky also. It says it is for the Tri-state victims, not Indiana. Sorry for sounding a bit aggravated but these people have lost just as much as most in Indiana, just need info on how to help everybody. Thanks, Joseph K. Girten
Just a little question. Why was Newburgh,Evansville,oh and Degonia Springs,1 whole story reported for the Tornado????? Boonville,wich is the heart of warrick county, that is where the court house is for th entire county, yet Boonville was never covered,was there not enough action for you people, I had friends on yankeetown HWY that were very hurt and suffered loss, were they not important enough for your story? I only ask because I never seen a thing other than in passing on the news about it and it also reflects on your web site! This is an honest question and I really want to know,why wasnt Boonvile covered like the rest of the county! I now live in New Mexico but all my family and friends live in Boonville,Newburgh,Evansville,Chandler,Lynnville,Tennyson, I know the Tornado hit more than Evansville,and Good ole rich stick in the mud Newburgh. It just really gets my gaul when I see Newburgh and Evansville in the news when Boonville,Tennyson,& Degonia were affected by that Tornado, lets face it, every body likes Newburgh because its a rich yuppy town with rich yuppy people in it. I know I lived in Boonville for 23 years, Evansville is one of the largest citys in Indiana so of course they get covered but when it comes to Boonville,down the tubes it goes, remember,boonvile is full of real,honest,hard working people, they matter too!
I am writing from Las Vegas, Nv. but have a home in Boonville, In. on Bullocktown Road.  On Sunday morning I saw the national news about the tornado striking Ky. & In., moments later a friend from Seebree, Ky. called and offered to drive by the house, to make sure everything was okay with our home.  Later they called to say our home was just fine, but the horror of the tornado was very wide spread....they told of the road closure near the house and having to take an alternate route. 
I too have seen from the website and the national news about Evansville and Newburgh and even Degonia Springs...but nothing at all about Boonville.  I have always heard that we were the step-children, but now I can see it first if you would, how about a little more coverage both written and video with the residents of Boonville and their loss....not that anyone should have it exploited.
My thoughts and prayers are with all that lost property, but most of all loved ones.

Here is a link to more damage images from Newburgh.

 posted this to an Internet discussion group.
Here are the archives of that group with link to that specific e-mail.

I BCC you because I thought your web site doing great coverage of this crisis, and you might want to use some of my ideas.  Where some of them have thought beyond what I stated in my post, I may include in a later re-write follow-up.

I recognize some of my ideas may be a bit dumb, or duplicate other people thoughts, and perhaps I not thought everything through clearly, but my suggestions for you: 
I learned of the news of this tornado yesterday.Having friends living in Evansville, Boonville and family living through out the state of Indiana, my concern grew rapidly. Unfortunatlly there is no way out there for me, so all I can do is offer some encouragement.I hope things go smoothly from here on out. It's devistating to think of those poor unprepared people who lost thier live's, and I hope that you all can find a place in your heart's to pull together and stay strong. Nature is a cruel thing soemtimes. Gods Speed.
Thought's and Prayer's from California -Krystle Wallis

I live at Indian Woods apartments at the Pollack avenue end. I keep hearing  everyone saying they did not hear the sirens Sunday morning. I did hear the sirens sounding twice right before the tornado touched down on our end of town. Approximately, 10 minutes and 5 minutes before it hit.

I agree with the reports that they are mainly for people outdoors in a storm. When you are inside it is very difficult to hear them.


I live just west of Castle High School.   My mother lives in Kenosha Hills subdivision off Epworth Road just north of the Eastbrook trailer park.  When I hear reports of Sunday morning or talk to family and friends who live nearby, I hear the same thing over and over... one heard the warning sirens that night.
I was outside Saturday afternoon with family and heard them being tested way off in the distance, but it was a windy day and they weren't very audible.  I don't think I've ever heard them while in my house.  I certainly didn't hear them Sunday morning, especially with all the wind and noise outside.  My mother didn't hear them either.  Neither did her neighbors in their subdivision.  I haven't spoken to a single person who heard the sirens Sunday morning.
Where conditions like high wind and heavy rain considered when determining the proper location and density of these sirens?  Are there enough sirens to adequately protect our communities?  Perhaps this was a warning to let us know our sirens aren't as reliable as we think.
I am a concerned resident of Boonville, Indiana...  I am a little upset with all TV stations not just yours....  The tornado hit Evansville, Newburgh, Degonia Springs and Boonville....  All it seems that the news stations are worried about is Newburgh and Evansville...  There has not been too much on there about Boonville or Degonia Springs...  In Boonville the tornado hit Yankeetown Road area, Owensboro Road, Hwy. 62 E, Two Story Road, Maurer Road and Degonia Springs....  At 3 am on Sunday after the storm hit my boyfriend and I went to check on my Parents that live in that area...  There is a lot of Devastation in that area also....  Lots of down trees, houses destroyed and trailers missing.....  But I really do not understand why none of the news stations do not want to show any of that.....  In that area my parents have been without phone service and power since the storm occurred and still are...  All that keeps getting said is about Newburgh...  I just would like someone to let me know why noone wants to talk about Boonville......   It is just very upsetting to me to see all the damage, destruction and noone on the news wants to talk about Boonville......  Everyone is worried about Newburgh......  No body cares about Boonville and that is how it has always been.....  There is a lot of destroyed homes and destruction in this area too, not just Newburgh and Evansville. Can someone please return a e-mail and address some of my concerns
Thank you
Concerned Resident of Boonville
I was a lifelong resident of Warrick Country...Eby as a Child and then in Boonville.  We moved to Southern Illinois 7 years ago, Buncombe,  Near Anna, Illinois
I feel like my breath has been knocked out of me.  Seeing the damage online and on TV makes me feel that my "old friend" has been so damaged and bruised that it makes me cry.  You all are in our prayers over here and my heart goes out to everyone in that area, especially to dear friends who have lost loved ones in the storm. 
Joan Brooks Teal

This e-mail is coming from San Jose, California.  My wifes brother and his family live in Newburgh.  We got a phone call Sunday from her parents that her brothers house on Owens Drive had suffered some minor damage in the tornado, but that the house next door was demolished!  We still cant get in touch with them, so I searched the Internet to see what we could find out Of all the Evansville TV station websites I found, yours is far and away the best source for information.

Thanks to my Comcast high-speed internet connection, weve been able to view your channels updates through the video player.  It comes in remarkably clear.  We especially were grateful for, on the Sunday update, the map that showed the path of the tornado.  I paused it, and put it up next to a Mapquest of Owens Drive, and we could see that it indeed passed right over their neighborhood. 

Weve since seen what look like cell camera pictures taken by a family friend that were sent to our nephew at Michigan State, taken off his myspace site.  We can see that the tornado took out the houses next to them and behind them, and must have skirted their house diagonally.  How blessed we are, of course, that they are all okay, but also that we have access to the technology that allows us to know whats going on. 

Your station has done a fabulous job of covering this story, and we are so grateful for your commitment to webcast it.  My mother-in-law tells us that WFIE is the station that they watch for news when they are out there visiting, and its easy for us to see why they do so.  Thank you ever so much, and keep up the good work!  May our Lord richly bless your station and your staff for your hard work and commitment to the community!!

Stefan A.D. Bucek

To whomever it my concern
I have been a local in evansville my entire young life.  I am now 19 and in college here at USI.  This is my home and i loved it enough to stay close by those that mean so much to me.  I have always held close my friendships with everyone i have met and with this helped me join a fraternity at the college.  This may seem like a ton of nonsence towards what has happened but let me continue.  I met a brother by the name of daniel and through him his sister reagan and then her friend melinda.  She was a great and wonderful human being.  Her smile and optimisim is what brought her in as a friend and kept her close to all that came in contact with her.  I like to say her biggest flaw would probably be burping out loud in public..  We will all miss her deeply and i look forward to the day that i get to throw the football with her one last time in the heavens. We love you melinda....  Well my fraternity, lambda chi alpha, had a can food drive last friday and we have collected thousands of can good products and we hope that it will be put to good use...  Our prayers go out to all those who haved lost or are lost... 
With my deepest sympathy,
Cory Biggs

I spent 10 years of my life living in the area that was most affected by Sundays storms. In the winter of 1999 I moved from my River Bluff Drive home in Newburgh to Indianapolis. Since my move all I could think about is how much better the quality of life was in the Newburgh/Evansville area, and my plan is to return there soon to live.

The trailer park that was most impacted by the storm is also the area that I used to ride my bike through before it was populated with the trailers. It was my private sanctuary on occasion to sit by the small lake and ponder my problems or just to daydream and watch the planes fly high above. It was also the place where I could drive my truck, park and just sit back and watch the snow falling to the ground, the view at night in this area was breath taking during or after a fresh snow. How odd that a place that gave me so much peace will now be a place associated with so much death and destruction.

I moved to Evansville in 1984 and lived in the area until late 1999, I plan to return because of my love of the community and the people. There is no other place on earth like the Tri-State, stay strong! My prayers are with you.



Fellow Hoosiers and neighbors,
Born and raised in Warrick County, I was appalled to learn on Sunday morning as I attended church in Boca Raton, Florida that the Southern Indiana area had encountered a severe tornado with fatalities and structural damage beyond comprehension.  I am writing to let you know that we here in Florida are keeping you in our daily thoughts and prayers.  To attend pharmacy school at Palm Beach Atlantic University, I moved from Evansville to south Florida in August 2004--13 days before Hurricane Frances came through causing quite a ruckus in our area, followed by Hurricane Jeanne, and most recently this year Hurricane Wilma.  I spent a portion of this summer doing tsunami refief medical missions in the villages of Southeast India.  I've seen first-hand the damage a natural disaster can do; however, nothing hits harder, deeper, or stronger when it happens to the home, families, and people you have loved your entire life.  As I am unable to be there, I am comforted by the fact that I come from an area where people know how to take care of one another.  Upon each event I encountered here in Florida, I was encouraged and comforted to call home to my parents, family, and friends in Southern Indiana to hear that they were sending their love, prayers, and support to me and those here.  I want to let you know that here in Florida, we (PBA University administration, faculty and students, church members, friends, etc.) are now "returning the favor" to you.  
God comfort and bless you all,
Holli S. Hess
I understand that Newburgh and Evansville were hit very hard and I feel very sorry for those people.  BUT, a friend and I went to help at Crossroads but after checking on some family members that were effected by the tornado on Yankeetown Rd where there was loss of life and being told by neighbors that they were having go out and purchase their own food because their was no one coming out to bring them anything. 
 We were very fortunate to be able to get a pass from American Red Cross so that we could get these unfortunate people the food and drinks that they needed.  My question is do people realize that there are people suffering in other parts of Warrick County other then Newburgh?  Huffman Road, Yankeetown Road, Maurer Road, Shady Lane, Two Story Road, Owensboro Road, Rockport Road, Hwy 161 & 62 (I believe is the name it is the road leading to Tennyson area), Tennyson, this just names a few.  If these people didn't have friends and family they would have NOTHING they don't have the food (unless being brought in to them), wood, man-power and etc being donated to them.  My friend and I are helping them but how much can two people do.  I will tell you I will do whatever and for however long that I can do for these poor people.  I hope and pray that if something ever happened to my family that someone would help us.  We were told that they could come to Cross roads to get help but here is the question if their vehicles are destroyed and the transportation that is being provided for the victims are all in Newburgh how are they to get there?  If you only had a few of your items left and no way of securing them would you want to leave them?  I wouldn't and neither do these people.  We seen two officers today and that was it in the effected Boonville area the rest were barricades saying road closed or nothing at all and people driving by and staring but not offering any help or doing anything to get these poor people help.  One gentleman in Tennyson absolutely broke my heart I pulled in his drive and asked him if he wanted something to eat he had the biggest tears in his eyes along with his look of totally being lost because he had no vehicles, his house was slightly damaged, and no power  He was so grateful for the cold sandwich we could offer him and his wife because they hadn't ate since before going to bed on Saturday night.
My question why is the county equipment all in Newburgh?  These people in the mentioned areas above pay taxes also why can't they get help?  Who is organizing the help?  We are a mutual aid area why don't we have fire, police, and military staged in this area to help these people(this would fall back on the person in charged not the individual departments).  Who tells these people where they need to go?  I bet if this person lived in this area we would have the help.  Why aren't the state of emergencies being enforced?  They are out there for a reason but do you know that not all business's are taking them serious and are open?  If a business is open then they are asking for these people to come out.  I talked to the commissioners office today and they told me that we were only going to have a state of emergency from 66 south. But the police said that the whole county is under a state of emergency.  SO tell me who do you listen too?  I listened to the police department because I feel that these other places deserve just as much respect. 
I feel so sorry for those in Newburgh and the trailer park that had losses but just from reading I can see that there are areas in Evansville that is being treated the same way as these areas in Warrick Coungy.  Do we have to have a whole community killed, or live in a place known for its name to get the help that all of us pay for through our taxes?  It isn't fair.  Would you like your family to be treated this way?  If your answer is no then lets do something about this remember these are elected officials that are screwing up.  Maybe all guilty in this are not elected officials but the elected officials are the ones that place them in their position so a loud enough voice can get things changed.  Concerned citizens in Warrick County need to pull together and let the ones treating our other neighbors like they don't count know that we will not stand for this and if that means we have to vote NO  we will.
Hello from Goodyear, AZ (Phoenix area),
My husband Jim, son, Jonathon & I, Michelle lived in Evansville for 5years until last Feb when we moved to AZ and consider that area home in our hearts. We were so shocked by the news late last night out here when we heard about the tornado that went through there. Our son was married this summer and now lives in Mishawaka, IN where he works and his wife attends Bethel College. Her parents still live in Newburgh and I was so thankful to know they are ok and out helping with the Salvation Army to give assistance to any in need. It was good to hear the voices of friends I have been able to reach so far. My heart hurts for you all out there and I wish I was there to lend a hand. We lived not far from the area hit and are so saddened to see the damage and hear of the loss of lives. We attended Crossroads Christian Church and I knew even before I heard they were stepping in to help that they would be. There is such a sense of community at the church as well the whole area and it is so good to see people helping people in this time of need. That is one thing I loved about living there is how the community pulls together when there is a need. You all are in our prayers and thoughts and we will do what we can to help from out here in the west. We love ya and miss ya all!
Michelle Wyza
I have been watching your channel for the past two days on the storm.Our governor and our senator have come to our city to look at the damage and say words about what happen. I might be wrong when I say this, but I have not heard one thing about Evansville's mayor on your channel. I have not seen one quote in the newspaper or even hearing him seeing where the storm hit.
                                                       A worried republican
Our house is located on 4088 Citation Drive in Newburgh, less than a mile from where the tornado touched down.  Thankfully we did not sustain any damage from the tornado.  My question is, why wasn't there any wind or even a strong feeling of pressure change being so close to this large cell?  I am not disappointed just confused.  We took shelter in the middle part of our house as we have no basement.  We didn't even hear it.  Were we far enough away that this is normal?
I was born and lived my first 14 years in Evansville. Although I've lived in Florida for that past 25+ years, my interest is always piqued when I hear news of my hometown. And news this was! So sad and tragic.

My heart goes out to all who have suffered as a result of this horrible storm. My best thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Terry Simpson

My hometown is Evansville, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

My wife and I were born and raised in E-ville. We have family there and are glad to hear our immediate family is ok but unsure about anyone else. We grew up when tornadoes were a common thing and became somewhat accustomed to that fact. We have been living here in Florida for the past ten years and I must say the same thing has happened, only with hurricanes. Sadly you’re a victim if you die from a tornado but a fool if you die from a hurricane. All 21 lives could have been saved by a better warning system. The least we can do is own a NOAA weather radio. I challenge the city of Evansville and surrounding communities: That each home has a weather radio. If you can afford one great, if you can afford two, even better, donate one. Evansville loves telethons. How about raising money to provide one for every home? Can’t pick up a signal? Have the weather service provide more towers! Is your family worth a $49 radio? I would imagine so. So why haven’t you bought one??



Brandon Sluder


Out of my 22 years of life, 21 of them were in Newburgh,Indiana. I heard about the tornado by my mom telling me at 9 (EST) that a tornado went through Evansville and Newburgh. All day yesturday I was glued to every news channel both on TV as well as trying to find out all the information i could about my family, friends, and my hometown. All my friends and students at the school i go to out here in PA have asked me about my family and are worried about everyone out there. The Tri-State area is in everyone's prayers, both out here in PA and around the nation.
Abbie Poelhuis

Greetings, My name is Rob Golden. I know what the tornado victims are going through. My home was destroyed on September 20th, 2002 by a tornado that ripped through Poseyville. I still live here in the same location in a new home. My heart goes out to everyone who lost their loved ones and homes. I have several photos of the damage from the 2002 tornado. Let me know if you need any of them.

I graduated from Castle Highschool in '96 and have since moved to Indianapolis.  I want to let everyone affected by the tornado that they are in our thoughts and prayers.  My family and I have several friends in the Newburgh area that we have been unable to reach.  I heard about the tornado late Sunday morning and immediately tried to find out about the damage.  It really hits you hard when you see images of your hometown devastated.  We will be contacting the local Red Cross to see how we can help!

Christina (Johnston) Fletcher
My husband Darren is a volunteer Fire Fighter from Ohio Township Rockport Station.  I just wanted to say thank you to him and the hundreds of emergency personnel that left their homes and families to rush to the scene and help in any way they could.  Many people do not know that these individuals do not get paid for doing what they do.  Their pagers go off...and they answer the call.  And..they are very happy to be able to help...this is what they train for. 
When we were in Newburgh last night,  it was a horrible scene.  I feel so sorry for the victims and the families of the victims.  People have lost so much.  If there is anything we can do to help...please post an email here!
Thanks again to all of the EMS! 
Our family sends you all prayers and hugs! 
ROTVD Ladies Auxiliary

I have been watching and listening to all the news reports of the tornado on Sunday and it is very disconcerning as all the reports make it sound like the thing went away after distroying De
Geonia Springs, when in actuality it didn't dissipate until after hitting approx 5 homes and a park in Tennyson.  There has not been the least bit of information on this peoples lives that were change by this massive storm.  Why is that?

This is for the person who was fromNewburgh and wanted to know which neighborhoods were affected.  It went across Ellerbush Rd. off of 662 (Newburgh Road across from the rock quarry) across Frame Rd through back yards and homes on Framewood, across Bell Road to the Stonegate Subdivision-Lancaster Rd.-over 261 and Meadow Ln., then over to Meadowbrook and Hilldale across from Casey Rd and Lloyd.  It affected Vann and Anderson Road area heading to Yankeetown Road in Boonville.  Miraculousy, no one in Newburgh was killed.  The devastation is unfathomable!

Please Tell the man who found Grover Fishers pay stub that his house gone but his family are all OK .His

neighbor was not that lucky..He lives on yakeetown rd in Boonville.His neighbor has lost his 18yr old daughter and is fighting for his own life at St. Marys.

Please pray for him!

Jill Bieker

The Zimmerman farm inUnion Township on the West Side of Evansville was hit by the tornado and suffered devastating damage.  All barns and out buildings are destroyed.  The 130 year old house suffered major damage.  No one was injured.  It is overwhelming to see farm buildings that have withstood 130 years of floods, tornadoes, and other bad weather to be destroyed in just seconds.  Several farmers arrived at the farm and worked all day to help clear up the destruction.  I grew up on the farm and it is almost to grasp the destruction that the tornado wrought.
We see devastation on the news channels practically every day, but it doesn't hit home until you've been in it or seen the devastation first-hand.  I had the unlucky opportunity to do both.  The warning sirens awoke me before the storm hit full-force.  I turned on Channel 14 to see what was up as I had not received my Thundercall.  My sister, who lives on the North side of Evansville, called me about a minute before the computer did telling me that a tornado was heading straight for Newburgh and to get out of my upstairs apartment.  Not thinking clearly (who does at 2am?), I rushed to my car instead of my downstairs neighbors. My mind was thinking of getting to safety at my parents' home on Hilldale Dr. or my ex-husband's home behind castle Jr. High.  I chose the first as the wind was picking up speed during my drive.  Unfortunately, that was a bad decision (the second one of the night, mind you) because I ended up driving directly into the path of one of the tornados.  After being spun around, something shattering, the window right behind my head, and seeing debris flying in my headlights, I managed to floor my car toward my destination.  Fortunately/unfortunately for me, I ended up driving over a limb that was a bit too big for my small car and got stuck.  I ran to the nearest house and banged on their door, not even seeing that they had a huge tree uprooted in their yard, on their house.  These people, Jerry and Pat Weigand, were very kind to let an hysterical stranger into their home at possibly the worst time in their lives.  For that I am v, ery grateful.  Once we realized that the storm had safely passed and we were calmed down to a reasonable level, people were already outside assessing the damage.  To make a long story short, my car was stuck and I was lucky to even be alive, BUT the people in the neighborhood had far worse things than that to worry about.  The neighborhood was destroyed and the search to make sure everyone was ok had already begun.  Men were asking if we were ok and all I could think of were my parents' neighbors (thankfully, my parents were out of town).  I asked the men to please check on Bud and Diane Bolin and Joe and Karyn Smith and their girls and gave them their addresses.  During all of this nightmare, I was on and off my cell phone with my sister, Jeni, fer, my dad, Jim Bryan, and my ex-husband, Joe Harbert. Later, when Joe was able to come get me, he had the chance to walk down the street to assess the damage to my parents' house.  As I sat in the car with my daughter, he was seeing what was left of my parents' house and checking on the Smiths and Bolins.  Thank God they were all unh, urt.  The Bolin's house, just across the street from my parents', sustained severe damage.  Bud's truck was on it's roof right there in the driveway.  My parents' house was also seve,, rly damaged.  The entire roof and front porch were gone.  The Smiths, &a, mp;, #39; house had some minor damage and the house on the other side of my , parents' was destroyed.  Thankfully, the owner and his wife were able to take shelter in the bathtub and were not seriously injured.
The next morning, I returned to the scene to help with clean-up.  Upon seeing the Bolins, my sister, and  my parents (who were back home around 6 am), all I could do was cry with relief.  In the daylight, the devastation was more than I could imagine.  I had been told over the phone just a few hours earlier, that there was major damage, but it was nothing compared to actually seeing it.  The clean up had already begun and continued throught the day.  The amount of people, friends, family, strangers, who turned out to help the neighborhood was awe-inspiring.  Everywhere you looked, you could see neighbor helping neighbor and friends/family coming in to comfort and help.  (This particular spot in Newburgh received the majority of the news coverage in Warrick County.  Joe's family from Indy and Cincinnati were caling to say that they saw us on the national news channels.)
I personally want to thank Karyn, Joe, Tim, Jenice, Joe, Steve, Lisa, and John, for helping my parents, sister, and I get things out of the house and loaded onto my brother-in-law's trailer and getting the items in storage.  To my family I want to say that what I did, driving into the storm, was EXTREMELY stupid, but I am so thankful that everyone is alive, safe, and well.  Things can be replaced....people cannot.  I love you all very much!
Janet Harbert, Newburgh 
My name is Jon Eckerle and my wife and I live on the eastside of Jasper, on Sunday morning after I awoke and heard the terrible news of the tornado that hit the Evansville and surrounding areas my wife and I felt extremely lucky and very sad for the people that lost there lives or were injured in the tornado. After listening to the news for a few hours I decided to go outside to pick up downed tree limbs from the storm, as I walked outside I noticed a large piece of foam insulation laying in the yard. Attached are a few pictures of the foam insulation that was found. The piece of foam is about 3 1/2 feet tall and about 3 feet wide. My wife and I send our prayers to all those involved in the tornado. God Bless.
In regards to the mobile homes being built on Angel Mounds land, this is not true. The historic site of Angel Mounds is located nearby to the north but the homes were not located on the respected land. However I do believe there was damage to the museum that is located at the site. My sympathy and prayers to all affected
 To whom it concerns, A landmark Restaurant in Newburgh The Newburgh Family Restaurant formally known as the Homestead was destroyed in the tornado.  It was opened as a tea Room after World War II and continued through the years as the Homestead where many tristaters were treated to Fried Chicken and Corn Fritters. It reopened in October of 2004 as the Newburgh Family Restaurant with a full make over and the same menu.  Now just a memory.  Our hearts go out to Dee and Charles Fruedenbergh the owners of the restaurant   
First I would like to say God Bless all of you in the Newburgh-Evansville area.  It doesn''t seem fair that tragedy will strike home and leave another unaffected only inches away.  We all like to ask questions where there are no answers.  I am from West Virginia and our church and surrounding churches have been in prayer for you.
I used to live and work in that area some years ago and I still have special interest.  My children live in Newburgh as well as their mother.  I haven't had contact with them in many years.  They are grown now and I have continued to learn how they are doing.  At any rate, this terrible situation touches some of us from hundreds of miles away so I can only imagine what you are trying to cope with.  While I have survived hurricanes, there were a few serious storms(tornados) when I lived out there.
I don't know how to contact those that I know and love.  Yes, I love them and miss them more with each passing moment. If you have any information on people from Newburgh; pictures, stories, etc. I just want to know if my daught, er, son and grandaughter are ok:  as well as there mother.  Also, I sincerely pray that God will comfort you and supply all your needs according to his riches in glory.  Thank You

I was born and raised in Evansville, my husband and I graduated from Harrison High. I lived on the south-east side and most of my family are still there in Evansville. We are in the Fort Campbell area, but are able to watch the coverage online. It's still a shock every time I see it.

My husband (who is in Iraq) and I wish our hometown a speedy recovery, and offer our condolences to those who have lost their loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

SGT Alan Orender & Jennifer Orender

I have some photos available (already formatted for web viewing) at
All were taken in Newburgh at various sites.
Don Williams

I am a student at Ball State University, and Evansville is my home. I didn't hear about the devistation in my hometown until someone came up to me at a lunchin on Sunday and asked my if I'd heard from my family. I was really c, onfused, and then shocked at what I was told. I knew that this kind of devistation and loss of life happened, but it always happened in Pakistan, Thailand, or even recently, the golf coast. But it wasn't supposed to happen. I have friends in Evansville who lived near the tornados path, friends whom my parents haven't yet heard from. I know people who live it the trailer park that is now a disaster area. Until these things happen to you, these things don't seem real. And I wish I could be in Evansville right now, playing the small part I could, bu, t right now, all I can do is pray. Rachel

I wanted to let all the people that was affected or displaced by the twister know that I will be giving cloths and toys away. You can give my name and Home phone number out. Size newborn-16 as well as adult sizes. You are more than welcome to place the information on your web page too. I just want to help in anyway that I can. If you need to make sure this information is correct I will be happy to talk to someone about it. There are quite a few people that has donated cloths and toys to help out. I know some people are in very bad need of clothing.
Thank you,
Shanna Crowley
812) 422-6132 (home)
Hello all,

I was born and raised in Vanderburg and WarrickCounties. I now live in New Hampshire. I am heartbroken over the devastation that has occurred there. Ihave just found that my immediate family members areall OK.

I don't know about my many extended familymembers. My prayers go out to the missing and deceasedloved ones. This is a tragedy. I wish I was there tohelp as I am a cardiac nurse. I recently joined ourown red cross to aide in disasters that we recently had of our own with flooding. I wish I were there.

Take care Indiana and God Bless.

I am with you in spirit.


I moved to Los Angeles last year from Newburgh and I've been watching the national coverage all day from thousands of miles away.  My parents called me at 6:00am L.A. time to tell me about the tornado and that they were safe, and I was in shock.  I immediately turned on the television to CNN, MSNBC and Fox News to see the damage.  It wasn't long before I saw the familiar face of Shannon S, a, mpson giving her national news debut from Newburgh.  I wish I was in Newburgh and Evansville right now helping those who've been displaced by this unexpecte, d tragedy.  My thoughts and prayers are with my fellow Hoosiers and as my current governor is famous for saying...I'll Be Back (I'm moving home to Newburgh next August)! 
To all concerned:
This is a bulk emailing to everyone on my email address list.
I'm not sure any food is needed to help victims of the tornado, but there is thousands of dollars of food stuffs aboard LST 325 -- most in large bulk size containers. The ship will donate all of this food if anyone thinks it will help
It was a sobering start to the sunny day here in Pinellas County FL.   I had just talked to a friend in Evansville and my cousin out in Mars township on the phone yesterday afternoon.  My cousin has worried about my family and me because of the hurricanes that have criss-crossed Florida for the last two years.  One of the things I thought about this morning is , that last year when we had four hurricanes in less than two months, help poured in from many distant places.  I remember that the Knight Township Volunteer Fire Department was here.  That speaks to the good and kind nature of the people of southern Indiana .  Now I pray for those good and kind people, particularly for the ones who’ve lost loved ones in this horrible natural disaster.  You will recover and move on, but in the meantime try to take comfort in knowing that many, many people care
I am writting to request some investigation be looked into regarding the horrible toll of victims at the mobile home park.  My sources tell me that land is part of Angel Mounds and actually is Indian burial grounds as well.  If this is so, how or who allowed a corporate business build on it?  Think of the consequences, if the government or corporate America honored our Native Ancestors, that land would never have been developed and many lives would have been spared. Why is this being overlooked?  It seems when disasters hit lately, the less than are affected.  Someone gained financially by building for greed and who sacrificed thier lives for this?  IF this is indeed true , it is up to the media to make it known and those people should then be told again their government let them down and my ancestors have once again been dishonored.  I am of lakota heritage and find this disgraceful as it saddens me to tears thruout the news today, all I could think was...this should never have happened!
I hope this does not go ignored.  I too plan on looking futher into this, and if indeed my sources are right, I plan on making it very public and do anything in my power to let the people on this land know if proper laws were followed, they would not have endured such devastation as well as the citizens of this city.  We are all grieving and shocked.
I go to church in Huntingburg and on the way home today we saw splintered boards and insulation in the cornfields.  We do not have damage up this far so our only guess would be it dropped out of the storm since it wasn't near as bad in our area.
Our hearts and prayers are with those who have lost family/friends and homes to this monster.  Please let them find peace somehow. 
I dreamed about helping a lady who was walking to find shelter after the storm.  I just wish I could really help someone. 
God Bless all of you
I live was in my yard this afternoon and started to find all kinds of different debris. I found parts of shingles,siding insulation,a small chunk of plywood and a torn page of a children's book. In the nearby woods I also found what appears to be a commencement program from 1995 from Henderson Comm. College. I found it in a small tree and it looks to have insulation stuck to it. Could this have traveled from the Evansville area? I can send pictures if you like. Thanks. Greg Taylor  Birdseye In.   
To my family, friends and neighbors in Evansville:

I recently relocated from Evansville, Indiana to Lexington, KY and Monday morning I received a phone call from my daughter Jamie who lives in

Elberfeld that a tornado had come through Evansville. I immediately

started calling my other family members to see if they were okay and was thankful that everyone was fine. Many times I have drove by the trailer park that was devastated by the tornado and I can't believe the damage throughout Evansville and Newburgh. My sister, Joey O'Neal who serves on the Ohio Valley Search and Rescue team was called out about 3:00AM to search in the trailer park. When I called her on her cell phone she was in the midst of the trailer park searching for those who needed to be rescued. She found several children who were wondering about. Joey and her faithful companion, Chloe, a female Golden Retriever have worked very hard to help those in need. It's not easy to be on the OVSAR team, it' a lot of hard work, training in the freezing col, d and heat index that have reached well over 100.0. I am very p, roud of my sister. We owe a great deal to the OVSAR for their dedication and to volunteer their

time as they do. They receive no pay, or grand awards. Many would not

receive the help they need if it were not for their dedication. I will continue to pray for those who have been touched by this tragedy.


To the person asking about Riverwalk Circle:  Most of the homes there survived with little damage to them.  I work for Jagoe Homes and two of my co-workers live in the neighborhood.  I was awake when the storm came through and called them to make sure they were awake.,   Luckily they are both fine, and have confirmed most of their neighbors are ok. They were lucky, because apartment buildings next to the neighborhood are demolished.  God Bless.
Hi, I go to sc, hool in Mishawaka, IN. I call southern Indiana home, and two of my sibling are in the Evansville/Newburgh area. From the coverage on your website with the live feeds, and the photo gallery with the map of where the tornado hit allowed me to see if it hit near where my siblings live. Thankfully it missed them. I was able to contact them and make sure they were ok. Thanks for your internet coverage! I am keeping the Evansville and Henderson areas and the families affected by this in my prayers.



I am a student at the University of Notre Dame, but I am proud to say that my home is in Newburgh. This morning, an unhappy phone call from my mother informed me of the terrible disaster that befell

Southern Indiana and the tri-st, ate area late in the evening the night before. As I write this, my only thought is how deeply I wish to be back home in my corner of Indiana to help with the rescue and clean-up efforts. Several of my best friends here on campus are from Newburgh, and our conversation has hardly swayed from the devastation affecting our hometown.

As far as I can tell, the response of the communities has been tremendous. Specifically, Castle High School has become an aid cen, ter for those affected by the storm, and Newburgh UMC has been providing meals for hungry victims. I don't doubt that these are only a few of the organizations that have stepped in to help. From six hours away, I must tell you that my heart beats with pride to hear of the compassion of our community. Friends and families driving, and often walking where road debris is prevalent, to the homes of friends more affected to help in any way possible: this kindness and genuine care shown by people of the Tri-State amazes me. However, this same kindness fails to surprise me.

The hearts, minds, and prayers of those of us away for school are with our community. God bless the rescue personnel, clean-up crews, and compassionate volunteers who take the needs of others on their shoulders. The Tri-State needs, expects, and will always be provided with nothing less.


Jonathan Poelhuis

Hello i live in Dale Indiana. This morning when I woke, to my suprise there was debris all over our field. We went out looking at what was left, we found two pictures one of a young child and the other of two children. Also, we found curtains and blinds. I am very curious to find out where this come from and return the pictures to the family, it may be all they have left. I am very concerned about these innocent people and hope the best for them.  Please contact me if you think you can find out in any waywho the pictures belong to.  
I moved from Newburgh to Marion, OH earlier this year but still own my condo on Bourbon Street. My Real Estate agent told me that the condo has been severely damaged and that others in my condo association were totally destroyed. I hope everyone in the association is okay but at this point I don't know. If anyone from the Gaslight Square Condo Association on Bourbon Street reads this, please call me at 502.314.4939.

I recently moved from Newburgh to Indianapolis and have been watching the coverage of the tornado. It brings tears to my eyes knowing the lives that have been lost. Everyone affected by this disaster is in my thoughts and prayers. I am still unable to hear from my friends. If anyone knows specific neighborhoods in Newburgh affected by the tornado please share. God Bless Debra


It is amazing to me how far that this debris has travled. I live just east of Celestine, Indiana, near Patoka Lake Upon waking up this morning I stepped out the front door to see a piece of asphault from a roof. I walked out to the garage and saw insulation and vinyl siding. I assumed that the debris had come from nearby, but according to reciepts and other documents that I've found with the debris, most of it has come from Newburgh and Boonville. Newburgh is over an hour's drive from here. Debris is scattered randomly across the fields and hil, lsides nearby. The storm deposited a box of 1hr photos on my brothers doorstep. They were addressed to a home in Newburgh. I am just curiuos as to how much father this debris could have travled.


I just wanted to let you know that there has been extensive damage on Yankeetown Road. I know an incredibly large amount of damage has been done in Newburgh and at Eastbrook Mobile Home Estate, and this is what everyone is seeing covered in the media on every channel. It is important that the community knows there is a tragic amount of damage that occured on Yankeetown Road as well. Not nearly as many homes, however, this is where one of the Warrick County deaths were reported from. Homes have been leveled. Trees twisted apart and thrown atop houses, to include along Pelzer road.

Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers as well.

Have you any reports of damage on River Walk Circle?  My daughter's home is there, although they were out of town for the weekend and we know they are safe.  River Walk is off of Pollack Rd.  Thank you if you have any , info regarding that street.
I'm from Nashville, TN and used to live by the Angel Mounds area which got hit pretty hard last night.  To the person that works at Pure Water Technology, a fri, end of mine lives right up the road from Wesselman's and I know his roof was torn and other damage.  And the new curch had quite a bit of damange.  Not sure about my old street yet as I've not been able to reach anyone.  I'm sure they're cleaning up damage today.  My prayers are with everyone in the Evansville area.
I work at Pure Water Technology in Newburgh accross from Wesselmans on 261. I am uable to get into newburgh to assess the damage if any to the building.  am the assistant manager there. If anyone has any information I would be very greatfull
I grew up in Evansville and still have family who live there, and as chance may have it I used to work at channel 14. I now live in Denver and as I was getting ready to go to work I happened to turn on the tv to watch MSNBC and learned of the tragedy in my home area. I can't describe the feeling knowing that people you know could be hurt, and that places you've driven by countless times are now destroyed.
From St. Mary's Medical Center:
St. Mary's Medical Center in Evansville has treated at least 120 victims of the early morning tornado. Of these patients, 30 , have been admitted to the hospital, 12 of which are critical. St. Mary's Warrick in Boonville has admitted 2 patients of the close to 30 treated.

Patients are being treated for penetrating injuries, blunt head and chest trauma, pneumothorax, chest pains, lacerations, fractures, and exposure to the elements.

If anyone is looking for a loved one that they believe may be at the hospital, please call St. Mary's Relative Hotline at 812/485-6700.

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Woke up this morning with insulation in the yard. Later, I checked around

the house and decided to walk the fields around here.

Most of the debris is small light stuff such as insulation (truck loads of

it), tin, roofing, tarpaper, aluminum & tin siding, and parts of window &

door frames.

Found lots of newspapers, letters, receipts, a calendar, and an old bank

statement of a couple that live in one of the areas that was hit in

Newburgh, Indiana (about 45 miles away.)

It looks like some blew up a trash dump around here.

I have been listening to your broadcast and am not surprised that during this time of emergency, there are people who may actually be complaining or otherwise expressing "concern" at the way the weather alerts were handled. I live approximately 3 miles from Ellis Park. My husband and I happened to be up when the severe weather warnings were broadcast. I heard the emergency siren clearly. I understood the warning. When it changed to a tornado warning, it stated that the storm was about 3 miles north of Henderson and due to arrive in Evansville at a certain time. I don't recall exactly how long we had, but after we were advised that now was the time to head to the basement or center room of the house, I had ample time to panic, pull my wits together, and call my kids, who live a few blocks from us, and advise them of the danger and how to protect themselves.
I hate that during this time of emergency that people can actually express "concern" about the way this situation was handled. I think you weather folks do a great job, and if there is any "concern" or finger pointing to be done, they should look to the people who can actively change the situation and do something to prevent tragedy in the future. Also, I go to several times during the course of any typical day. There were headlines posted all day about the severe weather that was expected to hit the Ohio Valley. People need to take responsibility for themselves and be aware. In the old days, when the severe weather warnings were broadcast, we made it a point to stay up all night, if necessary, in order to find adequate shelter in the event of a tornado.
I live near Selvin, Indiana and was not really affected by the Tornadoes last night except for a brief loss of electricity, but this morning we have found plywood pieces, insulation and roof shingles in our yard along with a pay stub belonging to a man named Grover J. Fisher from 1998.  In the phone book I found a man by this name from Yanketown Road in Boonville.  I'm not sure what to do with it from here.

I am writing from South Bend, IN. I am originally from Evansville and grew

up just off of Fuquay Rd., near Pollack Ave. I was shicked to see the news

(Today Show) this morning and see the devestation in that area. My father

lives on Elna Kay Drive. I was able to make contact via his cell phone this

morning and he is well. God Bless you Evansville - I am thinking about you!

Our local news has stimulated calls from family and friends from, Wash. DC, KS, TN, Rochester, NY, West Point Military academy , NJ , FL and AZ so far this Sunday morning.
Thank you for the coverage. We were not affected, fortunately.
In view of the tragedy last night, I wondered if it was possible to have computer generated calls to all numbers in the line of fire in a tornado warning as a public service rather than a voluntary one such as you offer.  It seems it could be done by our homeland security office, or those who are devoted to public safety.
It so saddened me to think of those families that had no warning.  We happened to be awake and were able to take cover.  The storm missed us to the south and we never lost power. 
I also heard of one resident of Mt. Vernon who was watching the weather warnings who actually drove to the trailer park to get his brother out of harms way before the storm hit.  The trailers just behind his brothers were all gone.  He brought his brother and his family safely home with him to his Mt.Vernon home.  I wondered if getting a computer generated call could save lives during  a nighttime storm such as this one.  Not everyone has a brother like the one mentioned above. . . .
I'm signing up for thundercall.
Hello, I live in Henderson, Kentucky.  I would like to let you know that four of five horses have died in Ellis Park. (According to Sheriff).  Also Insight has lost cable in Evansville and Henderson.  I am watching you from the online service.  Thank You for the online service.
just like to let you know i have just heard from maintenance at Webster County school in dixon Kentucky 35 miles south of evansville.  The buildings roof or building was lifted up off the frame last night.  men are on site, called in this morning to acess the damages
I saw the Tornado.  It woke me up and tore the roof off of my condo, ripped trees out of the ground by the roots, and my carport is, well, I do not know where it is.  My neighbor reports that his second floor is open completely to the sky, and the fence was driven into the bricks by the wind.  Another neighbors home is completely gone.
Christal Fellwock
***My daughter Susan and Troy Slaughter live on Covert Ave in
Newburgh.There is a lot of damage to their home. The house is standing but at least 2 holes in the walls and trees down
***I don't know if you guys know this, but there is a power outage on Vann at Embassy Apartments and I believe in the surrounding neighborhood. Just thought I'd let you guys know! Also, this is my first tornado warning since I lived out here in Evansville. I've never before in my life been in a tornado warning area. But yeah, just wanted to let you know about that outage. Thanks.