Hypertension, a controllable preventable disease commonly known as high blood pressure affects 1 in 4 American adults. Causes are unknown in 90 percent of all cases. However, the most common cause of secondary hypertension in women is oral contraceptive use according to the Academy of General Dentistry.

Up to 5 percent of women taking birth control pills that contain a high dose of estrogen may experience oral contraceptive related high blood pressure.

In addition to the use of birth control pills dentists are learning that race, stress, obesity, smoking, heavy drinking, genetics, age and inactivity may be a risk to develop the disease.

Dental tips for Hypertensive Patients:

  • Know that blood pressure medication have oral side effects
  • Tell your dentist about drugs you are taking
  • Avoid long and stressful appointments
  • Ask your dentist for a blood pressure screening