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Body Of Unidentified Toddler Found In IL Bag

New Media Producer: Kerry Corum

Authorities say they have taken the first steps in trying to identify a little boy whose body was found earlier this month off a Naperville Township road.

While there are 700 to 800 boys across the US who were reported missing as toddlers, an official with the National Center for

Missing and Exploited Children says only about a dozen of them appear to match the dead boy's physical appearance.

They say, though, that it will take several weeks or months to do DNA testing that will either produce a match between a missing boy and the body or eliminate that child's name from the process.

A man walking his dog discovered the badly decomposed body on October eighth.

The fact that the body was encased inside a laundry bag before being abandoned prompted law enforcement officials to treat the boy's death as a case of foul play.

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