Climate and Location


The Tri-State climate is extremely variable. Prevailing winds are from the south and the weather usually resembles that of southern cities. Strong cold winds blow from the north and northwest following cold fronts. Snowfall varies from year-to-year, but heavy snowfalls are unusual (annual average 13 inches). The average date of the first freeze falls around October 23 with the last freeze near April 7. Average precipitation days is 114 with sunshine days at 203. Average annual rainfall is 42 inches


Evansville is located at 87degrees 32'W Longitude and 38 degrees 03'N latitude with an elevation of 385.5 feet above sea level. The majority of counties in the Evansville DMA are located in the Central Time Zone. The Evansville region is strategically located 75 miles south of the median center of the U.S. population. This is the point where latitude and longitude lines intersect, with the population the same on all sides. This makes the area a prime location for manufacturing and the distribution of products. Our location on the Ohio River assists in the distribution process.