An Overview of Evansville

Rich heritage, comfortable climate, varied cultural and recreational offerings combine to make the Evansville Tri-State a truly great place to live. The area is an ideal spot to find a job, start a career or relocate a thriving business.

Evansville is a recognized economic force, regionally and nationally. Strategically located in southwestern Indiana, along the banks of the Ohio River, the city enjoys a favorable business location between the heavily industrialized mid-western states and the rapidly growing mid-southern states. The city is an ideal choice for any industry seeking a thriving business environment.

The Evansville area is highly accessible for both business travel and commercial shipping. Evansville is within easy driving distance of five states with a multitude of rail, waterway, air and motor freight services. Evansville's north-south gateway location makes it a popular warehousing location, along with two recently completed major highway projects.

Evansville has an endless selection of recreational and cultural events to choose from. City parks total over 1,700 acres and the Ohio River provides a source of non-stop activity and is the gathering point for one of the city's biggest events, the "Freedom Festival." Evansville has an outstanding cultural reputation, with the nationally-acclaimed Philharmonic, ballet, theater and guest performances from well known groups and artists.

Urban facilities are key to the city. The Museum of Arts and Sciences, Mesker Park Zoo, major hospitals, Evansville Regional Airport, various libraries, numerous parks, Roberts Stadium, The Center, and the Victory Theater are among many local facilities. Two major universities and a state vocational technical college provide a wealth of academic pursuits from business and science to education and humanities.

A well-trained and efficient labor force is perhaps the city's greatest natural resource. The Evansville labor market is comprised of technicians and professionals with a broad range of office and industrial skills. Evansville attracts workers from a Tri-State area including southwestern Indiana, western Kentucky and southeastern Illinois.

Evansville is ideally suited for business growth and the time is right for any company seeking rich business rewards. Several national corporations and major industries have already recognized the rewards of this dynamic business location.

Source: Evansville Chamber of Commerce