Consider what TV can offer

Before you spend a dime of your advertising budget, consider….

• Television has broad audience appeal

• Adults spend more time with television than any other media

• Television is exciting, influential, authoritative and believable

• Television will get your message noticed

• People will pay attention to your message on television

• Television will set your business apart from your competition

• People spend more time with television than any other medium

• Over-the-air television comes into the viewers homes free of charge

• Television is unmatched in the Tri-State in audience reached

• Television delivers a quality, definable audience

• Television can best reach the overall Evansville DMA

• Television can provide excellent reach and frequency

• Other media have limited reach in the Evansville market

• Cable TV's reach and audience delivery is only a fraction of over-the-air TV

When you consider everything television has to offer, can you afford not to include television as a major part of your media plans?

Television makes the most of your advertising dollar!

Source: Television Bureau of Advertising Bruskin/Goldring Research