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Facts About Hospice Care & Services

VistaCare admits patients into its hospice programs 365 days per year. The company’s interdisciplinary team is available to provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services available include:

  • Managing the patient’s pain and symptoms
  • Assisting the patient with the emotional and psychosocial aspects of dying
  • Providing needed medications, medical supplies, and equipment
  • Coaching the family on how to care for the patient
  • Offering spiritual care
  • Delivering or arranging for other special services, when needed (e.g. community resources)
  • Making short-term inpatient care available when pain or symptoms become too difficult to manage at home, or when the caregiver needs a respite
  • Providing bereavement care and counseling to surviving family and friends

Not Just For Cancer Patients

A common misperception is that hospice care is only for cancer patients. In fact, the benefits of hospice are available to anyone facing a life-limiting illness. Some of the more common diagnoses of patients who come under hospice care include heart disease, dementia, lung disease, Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, and liver disease.

Medicare Coverage & Cost Savings

  • 90% of people do not realize that hospice care is fully covered through Medicare
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) endorses hospice care as a cost-effective end-of-life care solution, with an average daily cost at less than 1/20 th of in-hospital care
  • For every $1.00 Medicare spends on hospice care, another $1.52 is saved in other medical expenses

Additional Hospice Facts

  • $5 billion industry and growing
  • 83% of hospice patients are age 65+
  • 65+ age group is growing three times faster than general population
  • 75% of consumers remain unaware that hospice care can be provided in their own home
  • 2.4 million Americans die each year—only 39% of these people (950,000) receive some form of hospice care
  • 80% of Americans facing a life-limiting illness would prefer to remain in their homes
  • The average length-of-stay for hospice patients (nationally) is 55 days
  • 36.9% of patients die within seven days of admission
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