Who is the Ghost?

Countless speculations and opinions exist about whose ghost the famed "lady in grey" actually is. Some believed that the ghost emigrated from a nearby cemetery. Others say that a woman died in the building during its early days and that she liked the library so much that she never left (and gets jealous when mortals read her treasured books).

Still, the most widely held opinion is that the "lady in grey" is actually the ghost of Louise Carpenter, the daughter of the library's founder. Louise once sued the library's Board of Trustees, claiming that her father was "of unsound mind and was unduly influenced in establishing [Willard] Library." She lost the suit and, as a result, her claim to any of the library's property. After her death, her spirit returned to the place that caused her so much grief during her life: Willard Library. Those who subscribe to this opinion say that she will continue to haunt the library until the property and its holdings are turned back over to the living heirs of the Willard Carpenter family.