Other Strange Sightings at Willard Library

Some other notable sightings and strange happenings

The famed "lady in grey" did return, however. She has appeared many times to many different people in many different ways since that cold winter night in 1937:

  • Numerous current and former Willard staff members have reported seeing a shadowy grey female apparition that appears suddenly and then vanishes into thin air.
  • Former Librarian Bettye Miller , alone in the library after closing time, suddenly heard water running forcefully on the second floor. She discovered that the faucet in the bathroom had been mysteriously turned on.
  • In the spring of 1983, the faucet in the second floor lavatory turned itself on while one of the librarians was actually in the room.
  • Two members of the Tri-State Genealogy Society, working alone in the library on, ironically enough, cemetery records were overcome with an unexplained strong scent of heavy perfume. (Note: Parapsychologists, scientists that study hauntings and apparitions, say that strange scents accompanying spectral manifestations are not at all uncommon).
  • Willard employee Margaret Maier claims the "lady in grey," whose hauntings were being disrupted by construction, followed her home one evening during the renovation of the Children's Room . Miss Maier and her sister experienced an eerie draft of cold air, the feeling of an unseen presence, and...you guessed it...the strong scent of heavy perfume.