The Legend of the Lady in Grey at the Willard Library - The First Sighting

Winter 1937: The first sighting of Willard Library's "Lady in Grey"

On a cold, snow-covered night in the winter of 1937, the library's janitor, as was his nightly routine, came to the building at 3 a.m. to shovel coal into the heating furnace, ensuring warmth for the coming busy day.

Armed with his flashlight and gun, the janitor cautiously made his way to the unlit basement to fuel the fire. Though comfortable in his duty, he was always wary of any unexpected nighttime visitors. Suddenly, as he neared the furnace, he froze motionless and dropped his flashlight to the dusty basement floor. A look of amazement and fear overcame the normally docile janitor's face. Standing before him in that dark and dreary basement of Willard Library was a ghostly veiled lady dressed in glowing grey. In his astonishment, he managed to bend down and pick up his flashlight, noticing that even her shoes were grey.

Before the janitor could regain his composure, the image disappeared and he was once again in silent solitude. Frightened and confused, the janitor completely forgot about shoveling that coal into the furnace. He ran crazily from the basement and from Willard Library, never to return to either again.