Dubois Co. workforce attraction campaign

Dubois Co. workforce attraction campaign

DUBOIS CO., IN (WFIE) - A social media campaign to attract workers into Dubois County seems to be working with 1200 new applications for jobs being measured in the last year.

The economic development organization in Dubois County, known as Dubois Strong, enacted a workforce attraction campaign last year over social media in an attempt to entice workers to seek jobs in the county.

The campaign consists of targeted ads that appear on Facebook and job finder sights like Indeed.com and Monster.com. Once a person clicks on the ad they are taken directly to a web page that lists the top 18 companies in Dubois County and links to each's respective HR sights where the user can easily apply for open jobs at that company.

Ed Cole, the chairman of Dubois Strong, says that during their original campaign they measured 1200 new applications filled out for companies in Dubois County.

The analytics were not able to show how many of those 1200 are now employed at those respective businesses.

Cole says that kind of result is extremely promising. He says the use of social media campaign in today's age is allowing them to reach the kind of applicants they want, directly.

"Because everyone is carrying a cell phone now. And that's where most people have their entertainment, that's where they look for a job, that's where they listen to the music that they've downloaded, that's where they find out their news," Cole said. "So looking for a job through your cell phone, which a long time, a few years ago people would have thought you were crazy."

Officials say they are in the midst of running another campaign this year. It will be a six-month campaign targeting a broader population.

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