Muggy temps, meteors for the weekend. - Tri-State News, Weather & Sports

Muggy temps, meteors for the weekend.


Clouds have kept a lid on temperatures the past couple of days.  Muggy, tropical air will linger through Saturday and keep cloud cover over the region through Friday morning.  The RPM model is not signaling rainfall, but we can't rule out a few scattered showers on Friday afternoon during maximum heating.


On Saturday afternoon, the stationary front will wiggle back to the north and keep the atmosphere unsettled.  A few isolated showers will likely dot the radar by Saturday afternoon and evening.


The annual Perseid meteor shower will peak over the weekend.  Since the moon will be in the new phase, skies will be darker than normal and should allow for good viewing conditions if Saturday's clouds clear out.  Sunday will likely provide the best viewing opportunity for the meteors.  For best results, get away from city lights and gaze into the northeast toward the big "W" of Cassiopeia and enjoy the show.


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