Thieves who targeted Evansville yoga business caught on camera

Thieves who targeted Evansville yoga business caught on camera

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Evansville police are trying to track down the women they believe are responsible for stealing.

Two women, unfamiliar to the owner, walked into Yoga 101 just before 10 a.m. Wednesday. Cameras were rolling inside as one woman stayed behind in the lobby, but her partner appeared to be more brazen.

"Could tell it was kind of suspicious based on the video footage we have, she's looking around, side-to-side before and after she came out of the rooms," owner Jenni Juhl said.

The second class of the day was underway as the woman in a white T-shirt made her way down the hall and into the dressing rooms, where she apparently found a set of keys belonging to a student.

"Grabbed her key fob, unlocked her car, put key fob back in her bag, and made their way through her car," Juhl recalled.

After class, Juhl tells 14 News that student realized her wallet and phone was stolen out of her car.

"It makes me angry. We try our best to take care of our students; we watch out for them, they're like family to us, so whenever somebody does something to them we take it very personally," Juhl explained.

Yoga 101 may not have been the only target. Juhl added Evansville Yoga Center, plus Yoga and More filed similar complaints.

EPD believes they could all be connected.

Now Yoga 101 is changing their policy to better protect their customers.

"We're providing spaces now where they can bring their keys into the room with them, and hang them up so they're not left in the dressing room as well," Juhl added.

Classes continued at Yoga 101 on Thursday as usual.

EPD also says at least three victims have reported fraud on their ATM cards.

If you recognize those involved, call EPD.

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