Us Helping Them: The Gulf Mission

Not really a group, nor an organization, "Us Helping Them" came about by natural disaster: Hurricane Katrina.

Residents in the Gulf found their homes ripped apart and crumbled, some still standing, others not so lucky. A local mission group, Men Of Promise, includes a member who married in a church in Gulfport, Mississippi. Taking it upon themselves to aid the family of this member, these men pulled together an effort that's caught the eye of many.

They put the word out about weekend mission trips to the coast, opening up to others who wished to volunteer their services, then a group of men and women from the area made the trek to the shoreline to help however they could. They aren't Supermen or Saints, just kind-hearted people who devote their lives to helping others.

Roger Lehman is Evansville's Building Commissioner, an Elder at West Side Christian Church. He's a father of two, a member of Men Of Promise, and President of the Board of Directors for SW Indiana Disaster Resistant Community Corporation.

Larry LaFontaine and his wife have been married for 25 years. They have a daughter, Larin, and son, Chris. He's a laborer, active in his church and missions.

Vaughn Murray is the father of four boys, Sean, Patrick, Drew and Dean, and grandfather of Grace. He's a carpenter and construction worker and a member of Eastminster Presbyterian and Men Of Promise.

Randy Dickinson is a mechanic for Henck/Summit Environmental.

Larry S. Murray is a maintenance man for MJN, BMS. He's married 37 years with two sons, Shaun and Michael.

Randy Brown is a parts manager at Evapar. He and wife Tami, have been married 23 years with three sons, Stephan, Scott and Shad.

Stephen Brown is Randy's son and joined his father in this mission.

Deveta Miller is a special education assistant at Oak Hill Middle School. She's the mother of two teenagers and Deacon at Eastminster Presbyterian.

Randy Fahrlander is branch manager at Airgas on St. Joe Avenue and the father of four girls.

Kenny Parkman was married in the church we first worked on in Gulfport, is now a father and member of Men Of Promise.