Alles Brothers Closing down after 119 years

Alles Brothers closing its doors

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - For 119 years, Alles Brothers has been the go-to furniture store in downtown Henderson. Some describe it as a landmark that brings customers from all around.

"This is the only place in Henderson to buy furniture. It has been for years. It just won't be the same," said one long-time customer.

Owner Herman Alles passed away last month and left his entire estate to Holy Name Catholic Church.

Diocese of Owensboro Bishop William Medley says he consulted with retail experts and determined that it was not reasonable for the church to operate a retail business.

"An individual entity could come along and choose to purchase that. Though, we have been advised that something of the scale of Alles Furniture, there probably wouldn't be very many buyers on that scale today. So liquidating the business seemed like the pragmatic way to go for it," said Bishop Medley

The store's final day of business will be October 1, 2018.  Many customers have already started coming in to reminisce and make one last purchase.

Sharon Rigdon's family has bought furniture from Alles Brothers for generations.

"I bought my furniture here. My parents bought furniture here. My whole family has bought furniture here. It's a sad thing," said Rigdon.

Mayor of Henderson Steve Austin says he will also miss the store and that he had hoped the church would be able to keep the business up and running.

"I think things come and go.  I don't think we're down probably any more than most communities around us our size but this is a big hit because it is such a busy store, such a large store, and you wonder what is going to fill that space," said Austin.

Bishop Medley says the money earned from Alles furniture from now until October will be used toward the upkeep of the church and school buildings in the Diocese.

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