New road under construction in Santa Claus

SANTA CLAUS, IN (WFIE) - Construction has begun on a connecting road between state highways 245 and 162 in Santa Claus.

Not only will this road connect the two highways, but it will also provide an avenue for economic development.

John Bowen is the president of Santa Claus Town Council and is excited about what the new road may bring.

"When someone comes to town, a lot of people will say, 'Where is the downtown?' This is an opportunity to actually have a downtown," said Bowen.

This connecting road will stretch one-third of a mile through 30 acres of land that was donated by the estate of Philip J. Koch.

"We have Kringle Place which includes our post office and our grocery store and our hardware store but this is an opportunity to increase retail development in our town," says Bowen.

It is a $1.3-million project, but with the help of federal grants, the cost to the town is $246,174.90.  A cost that Bowen says it worth it for the town's future and economic success.

The road is set to be open by the first week of December.

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