IN officials asking for community help to replace water tower

HOLLAND, IN (WFIE) - Officials in Holland, Indiana are asking for community support for the project to replace the Stendal Water Tower and repair the Holland Tower.

It's an expensive project and could have a significant impact on how much customers pay for their water.

We're told customers in the Holland Water Corporation could see a 38 percent rise in their water prices if the corporation doesn't qualify for a grant to replace the Stendal Water Tower and rehab the Holland Tower.

Tom Thacker, the Holland Townboard President, says in total, the current plan would cost $1.1 million.

Wednesday night, the Holland Townboard hosted a public hearing to see what residents thought of the plans.

We're told those who went agreed something needed to be done with the towers, but nobody seemed too fond of a near 40 percent increase in their water bill.

Thacker says it's not ideal, but it's necessary.

"Still, 38 percent pretty hefty increase, but at the same time if we don't do something soon, it's going to even be a bigger project," Thacker said.

Thacker is asking people in the community to write letters about why the water district needs the grant money.

Those letters will be along with the grant application next Friday, but he's asking for the letters by Monday at the latest.

He says the letter are vital to getting the grant money.

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