Officials hear bids to repair section of Greenway Trail

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - It's a problem commissioners say they've been wanting to fix for several years.

A section of the Pigeon Creek Greenway between North 1st Avenue and Garvin Park has been slipping towards the creek. With water levels rising and declining over several years, the soil below the pavement has begun to erode.

The Board of Parks commissioners are planning to repair this stretch of the trail and redesign it in order to make it safer for pedestrians.  Tentative plans involve moving the trail to the south side of the levee.

This would take the trail farther away from the water, but also - farther away from the danger of erosion. On Wednesday, the board of commissioners heard bids from three construction companies: Blankenberger Bros, Inc., Ragle Inc., and Deig Brothers.

Now, it is all just a matter of comparing the bids and deciding what works best to get this stretch of the greenway fixed before it slides off or someone gets hurt.

Executive Director of Evansville Parks and Recreation Brian Holtz was pleased with the meeting.

"We're just happy to be at this point. It has been a process. As I mentioned, it has been four or five years, maybe as many as six and even longer to begin to identify the problem, survey it, continue to monitor it and now we're at this point.  So we're just happy to be finally at this point to be able to move this forward," said Holtz.

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