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Dry weather, less humid on the way.


As we approach the middle of July, a new trend seems to be taking hold:  Slightly cooler and less humid/dry weather.  The first 11 days of the month have brought the average monthly temperature about 3 degrees above normal, but the coming weeks may pull us to near or below normal.   Northeast winds around high pressure over the Great Lakes will keep less humid air flowing in on Thursday:


By Saturday, high pressure will begin to break down, allowing clouds and showers to move in from the west:


Sunday brings the first chance of widespread chance of rainfall, and that risk will continue into the first half of next week.  Clouds and rain will help hold temperatures in the 80's.


The Climate Prediction Center's 2-week outlook keeps the Tri-State with near-normal temperatures:


Rainfall may turn out to be below normal over that time frame:


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