Salvation Army delivers hundreds of cases of water

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - 14 News teamed up with PD and S Transportation and Schnucks to collect bottled water for people in Owensboro. On Wednesday, the Salvation Army distributed those cases.

We saw a lot of smiles as many people who have been without water for days caught a break when the salvation army showed up. Those volunteers were happy to help.

"Anybody need any water?"

In Owensboro, that question is music to your ears.

"This is great. Y'all bringing this by," Donald Lee, a recipient of the free water, said. "It helps a lot in the community."

Salvation Army drove around most of the day asking the same question over and over: Do you all need water?

Many graciously opened their arms to free bottled water in the wake of the water emergency.

"I saw the fellas running with the water, and I thought, 'O my goodness, bless their heart, they're giving everyone water!'" Anna Daugherty, another recipient of the water, said.

Many of the cases were donated to the elderly and those on fixed incomes.

"I can't do anything, so when someone calls on me like this, I think it's wonderful," Daugherty said.

"A lot of the families that we've been serving are on very fixed incomes," Lori Thurman, a corp sergeant major with the Owensboro Salvation Army, said. "And so when a crisis like this happens, there's nothing budgeted for bottled water, prepared foods, and they're struggling."

Several hours later, the Salvation Army says they are happy to deliver the water.

"Many of these families aren't just grateful for the water, but just grateful that somebody cares," Thurman said.

Salvation Army also went out Wednesday afternoon to deliver pizzas donated by local restaurants because many people are struggling to cook with the boil notice

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