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Vanderburgh Co. Health Dept. reports increase in syphilis cases

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Vanderburgh County health officials are facing an increase in reported cases of early syphilis.

According to the health department, 27 cases of syphilis have been reported since January 1, 2018. That's up from only five cases during the same period last year in southwestern Indiana.

Health officials say the 2018 increase is centered on men who meet their partners through social media apps.

Symptoms of syphilis are: 

  • an open painless sore on the face or genital area,
  • rash on palms of hands and/or soles of feet,
  • body rash of unknown origin,
  • swollen lymph nodes and sudden loss of hair.

These symptoms go away even without treatment but you are still infected and contagious. Syphilis is curable but you can get re-infected.

Testing for syphilis and HIV can be done at the Vanderburgh County Health Department. The health department is located at 420 Mulberry St. in Evansville and can be reached at 812-435-5683.

Testing and treatment are confidential.

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