Jasper using liquid road to repair streets

JASPER, IN (WFIE) - The Jasper Street Department is closing down roads throughout the city to add a layer of liquid road.

The liquid road acts as a street sealer to protect the road, give it a fresh new look, and add about 5-6 years of life to the street.

"They will call us the next day 'Hey you guys did a great job on paving our street, didn't really leave much of a mess,'" said Jeff Theising, the Jasper Street Commissioner. "So that's kind of a neat thing to say. You know that doesn't cost nearly what a pave job would and people seem to think that it's a new street."

Theising says the city is selective when they use liquid road. They look for the right conditions in their March road assessment and then make their decision to pave, patch, or use liquid road.

Theising says the weather conditions also play a large part in determining whether or not liquid road can be used.

"You want it to be dry and hot," said Theising. "High humidity doesn't help it, it doesn't dry very quick. What we're standing under here, this shade tree actually will keep this from drying."

Theising says the department is looking to work on just about 15 roads the city this week. Some of those will reopen on the same day they were closed, others might take a little bit longer depending on the weather.

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