Retirement home residents without air or water

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - The Red Cross was out in Daviess County on Monday delivering water to those who need it because of the water main break.

We checked with officials at Roosevelt House to see how they're coping.

"Everybody's playing Bingo just like they always did," said property manager, Daphne Cole. "Doesn't seem to be bothering them too bad."

Cole said very few of the 300-plus resident are without water or air conditioning.

"As one of our residents told me earlier today, 'We grew up without air,' and it's not a big deal for them," said Cole.

Cole said the news of the water main break caught the staff off guard.

"It started out a little hectic, but we kind of got our bearing and kicked it in gear. Everybody's working together to make it work."

Cole says the staff is doing what they can to keep the residents hydrated. They've gotten water from Evansville and the American Red Cross and distributed the water to as many residents as possible.

All the while waiting for the water to come back on.

"They keep asking us if we've heard any updates, but we say we're at the mercy of OMU just like everybody else."

The residents are managing, but a number of them have told us that they will be more than happy the minute that air gets turned back on.

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