Healthcare community feeling impact from water main break

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - The water main break is impacting the healthcare community too, Owensboro Health has set up a command center.

By all reports, the Owensboro Health Medical Center Hospital is fine. We are told that the hospital's command center was up and running this morning by 7 a.m. to coordinate how the hospital will respond to this emergency.

One of the biggest challenges was making sure the hospital and all the other Owensboro Heath branches in the city were stocked with clean water. We are told that the hospital keeps a stock pile of water on hand for situations just like this.

In addition to that stock pile the command center scheduled shipments of water to come in throughout the day.

"We had a similar situation back in 1994 where we were without water for about a week I believe," Dariush Shafa, Market Specialist, explained."We are prepared to stand as we are now for several days and we'll adjust to the situation as we need to. If we need to adapt and bring in other types of supplies or react in a different way, we can do so."

Now if you have a family member or loved one in the hospital don't worry. The hospital itself does have water pressure and they have plenty of drinking water.

A member of the hospital staff say they don't close unless absolutely necessary, and for now it looks like the hospital will be staying open.

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