Solar farm construction underway in Evansville

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A new Solar Farm is under construction in Evansville.

When it is complete, The Volkman Solar Farm will sit off Highway 41 north and Volkman road.

Right now, there are around 4,000 solar panels but when the project is complete, there will be 8,000 panels powering more than 300 homes annually.

Officials say the city of Evansville is significantly coal-fired. The hope is to add these solar farms using the sun instead of coal which is a much more sustainable clean source of energy.

"I think that you're seeing more and more diversification of the way electricity is generated and we certainly are excited to be a part of that as well," said Natalie Hedde. "In addition to these two two-Megawatt projects, we also have recently announced the 50-Megawatts that are going to go out in Spencer County, also in our electric footprint."

The solar fields will bring a positive economic impact of nearly $650-million over a seven-year period and generate about $20-million in state and local government tax revenue through 2023.

Vectren says total investment in this project is about $8.8-million and in the long run, it'll be better for the environment.

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