Heat, humidity driving black widows into homes

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The heat and humidity have many unwanted guests entering people's homes. You don't typically find black widow spiders inside your home, but the weather conditions are forcing them in.

It's a result of the high heat and humidity in the region that has pushed these critters inside.

Brandon Runyon is an entomologist at Swat Pest Control, and he says this behavior is due to survival instinct.

"What the spiders are doing is they're following their food into the homes as they come in looking for food themselves or their habitats got washed out by all of the rain we've gotten," said Runyon.

The high heat has also allowed the spiders to develop faster and breed at higher rates.

However, black widows haven't been the only problem.  Swat Pest Control has seen wolf spiders and brown recluse as well.

"In your homes is where you're going to see more brown recluse which are going to be behind your couches; areas that you're not commonly going to," said Runyon.

Many people want to know how you can keep these unwanted guests out of the house. Brandon suggests pulling your landscape about three inches away from your house and sealing small entrances.

He also suggests making sure that your windows are sealed tight and any screen doors or window screens you might have don't have any large holes.

Black widows are typically found in your landscaping or in dark areas in a garage.

Bill Martin of Combs Landscape and Nursery also has a few tips to keep these spiders away.

"The shady areas; if you can rake your debris out each fall or in the summer. A lot of people get complacent, and they leave a lot of dead leaves under there and everything," said Martin.  "That stuff critters like to make little nests in. It's nice, cool, wet and soggy."

Bill also suggests spraying your flower beds and the base of the outside of your home. It is also important to not only be vigilant inside your home but especially outside.

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