Day 12 of Hagan murder trial wraps up

Day 12 of Hagan murder trial wraps up
Halee Rathgeber
Halee Rathgeber

WARRICK CO., IN (WFIE) - Monday marked day 12 of Isaiah Hagan's murder trial.

The trial was delayed Thursday so the defense can bring someone in from the jail, according to Mark Phillips. The prosecution had no objection but wanted to be able to talk to that person too.

Jurors watched the interrogation video Monday. One of the first questions to Hagan was how he knew Halee Rathgeber. Hagan responded he met her at Texas Roadhouse, where Halee worked.

Hagan told detectives he never really put a title on their relationship.

He also told detectives he dropped Halee off in Newburgh upon her request, and they talked along the way. He said he didn't stay with her long.

Hagan told detectives he was with a friend after he dropped her off. He said the two were together until around 4:30 a.m., picked up some tickets at Halee's apartment and went home around 5 a.m.

In the video, Hagan admitted to deleting a couple of messages on his phone before detectives looked at it because he was worried.

Detectives questioned Hagan about what he told them. He said he didn't think he left anything out.

When detectives asked Hagan what he thought happened, Hagan responded he didn't know.

Hagan also told detectives he didn't associate with a few of Halee's friends that had been mentioned.

Detectives told Hagan that authorities tracked his phone and that a lot of what Hagan told them does not match up.

Detectives told Hagan they saw he was at the soccer fields and they knew he was with Halee. They also said they knew the two were together for more than just a few minutes.

Hagan admitted to going to the soccer fields with Halee and he left that part out because he knew that's where her body was found and he was scared.

Hagan said Halee told him not to leave but he got back into the car to call his friend. He said he got out of the car, hugged Halee, and then left.

Detectives repeatedly told Hagan that records showed he traveled to Newburgh. When detectives asked him why Hagan said he was going to get gas but never did and why he would drive to Newburgh to get gas rather than heading back to Evansville.

A detective got frustrated with Hagan and told him, "I don't get why you wouldn't want to help us get to the bottom of this if you didn't have anything to do with it."

Hagan responded with, "I would never hurt Halee. I would never shoot her."

Detectives told Hagan they spoke with several people and his name came up every time.

Hagan admitted he went to Newburgh but never went back to the soccer fields. He said he noticed Halee's phone, picked it up, but then ditched it along Highway 41. He said he went back to his friend's house after that incident.

An FBI official began questioning Hagan in the video. Hagan was shown phone records that were collected around the time of Halee's death showing the two were together.

Hagan discussed some texts with his dad the FBI official pulled up from his phone. Hagan and his dad were discussing money that Hagan owed him.

In the text, Hagan told his dad he was going to meet Halee after work to get it. The FBI official said Hagan was with Halee at the time of that text.

The FBI official said when Hagan left Halee all the communication stopped. Hagan said he knows for a fact that he did text Halee.

The FBI official told Hagan his story, "is a piece of crap," and, "we are trying to find out why you did this." Hagan was also asked when he saw people were looking for her and he had her cell phone, why he didn't call the police?

Hagan admitted he found Halee's phone in his car and he went to Halee's apartment with her phone. He said she wasn't there but her car was. He also said Halee told him he was coming home. He left shortly after and ditched her phone because he got scared.

The FBI official told Hagan, "it was a mistake and I know you recognize that and you can't undo it."

Hagan responded, "I did not kill Halee. I would never hurt her."

Court wrapped up around 4:30 p.m.

Day 14 will begin at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday with jurors finishing the interrogation video and then the defense will start with their witnesses.

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