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On Alert for hazardous heat this weekend.


Stormy weather will take a break just as heat and humidity gang up on the Tri-State this weekend.  Forecast temperatures and a very moist atmosphere will generate heat index values between 100 and 105.  Here is a look at Saturday's high temperature forecast:


The heat index is designed to show how the temperature actually feels to your body.  Since the air is humid, your sweat can't evaporate as quickly.  When sweat evaporates, it carries heat away from the body and helps keep your temperature at a constant 98.6.  When the sweat doesn't dry up, your body's core temperature can rise to unsafe levels...basically a fever caused by the weather.  Over the weekend, the heat index will be high enough for concern for young children, elderly and those with breathing problems:


The best way to cope with excessive heat is to slow down and avoid strenuous activity during the hottest part of the day.  Be sure to drink plenty (non-alcoholic) beverages to keep hydrated.

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