Changes in the works for Lloyd Expressway

Changes in the works for Lloyd Expressway

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Getting backed up in traffic on the Lloyd is nothing new. But INDOT is now conducting a study to figure out the best way to relieve the traffic while making it safer.

"We're still very early in the development of this feasibility study," Scott Manning, an INDOT spokesperson, said. "So there will be as we continue multiple options for given intersections."

Some of those intersections include Burkhardt, Epworth, and Vann.

"These are changes that are being proposed to the major thoroughfare in our community. What do you think of them?" Cheryl Musgrave a Vanderburgh County Commissioner asked.

Musgrave says she shared the renderings online to get community reaction.

Some of the changes include continuous left turns as well as a "Michigan Left Turn"- a left turn with a U-turn to create better traffic flow. If these proposals went through, the idea of more overpasses on the Lloyd would be diminished.

"This proposal basically puts an end to that," Musgrave said. "If they do what they have proposed here in our lifetimes, none of us will ever see another overpass on the Lloyd. That's an expectation change for most of us."

INDOT says this is just the start of their study, but they realize changes must be made.

"We have a mix of conditions, a mix of design standards, and the result is we have some segments along the Lloyd that function really well," Manning said. "Traffic moves smoothly, and we have some that don't. So, this feasibility study was started kind of out of recognition of that."

INDOT hopes to have the study done by the end of the year and move on with the project as funding becomes available.

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