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Scattered Storms Wednesday: Weekend Alert Days


All the Wednesday morning fog has lifted. 

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Moisture left over from Tuesday's rains will be the fuel for scattered thunderstorms. Showers and storms, if they develop, will be capable of producing flash flooding. However, the risk for severe thunderstorms has shifted east of the area. Temps will hold into the upper 80's with a 40% chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Areas north of Interstate 64 received a good soaking this week and will be susceptible to flash flooding.


The main stage opens at W.C. Handy in Henderson. Winds will drain in from the north into the park. 

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Weekend Alerts due to excessive heat. 

Mostly sunny and dry this weekend but hot. Temps will surge into the lower 90s to mid-90s bringing the hottest days of the year to date. Light winds coupled with high humidity will jump the heat index 100-104 during the afternoon through early evening.  


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