Judge denies motion for another mistrial in Hagan murder trial

Halee Rathgeber
Halee Rathgeber

WARRICK CO., IN (WFIE) - The judge denied a motion for another mistrial in Isaiah Hagan's murder trial.

Isaiah's defense attorney, Mark Phillips, called for the mistrial and addressed the integrity of this entire process. He also said there has been some mischaracterization of evidence.

Day 10 of the trial started around 9 a.m. Wednesday.

The first witness to the stand was Lt. Bryan Flowers with the Warrick County Sheriff's Office. He said he responded to the scene where Halee's body was found and told officers and detectives to extend the crime scene.

Flowers testified he talked to Isaiah two times that day and the court heard two phone conversations between them.

In the recording, Isaiah said he asked Halee for a ride. He told Flowers the two were good friends.

Jurors also heard Isaiah tell Flowers the two met around 10:30 that night at Halee's apartment and gave her a ride to the Newburgh Lock and Dam.

Isaiah said he stayed with Halee for about a half-hour and then went to a friend's house and did not return to the Lock and Dam.

When detectives asked Isaiah how he knew where Halee's body was found, he told them he had been following the news. Isaiah told detectives on the phone he sent a few texts to Halee after he dropped her off at the Lock and Dam but he never got a response.

Another phone conversation between detectives and Isaiah the same night was played for jurors. Isaiah told detectives his mom wanted him to tell detectives Halee gave him about $200 and that he gave it to his dad.

After the phone conversation ended, Flowers told the court he collected surveillance video from a liquor store on the north side of Evansville.

He also testified he and other agencies searched a landfill for any possible evidence, including the gun. They searched for about two-and-a-half days but found no gun.

Detective Paul Kruse was the next and state's final witness to take the stand. Kruse was the lead investigator in the case.

The state asked Kruse about some of the items that were found at the scene and why some items that have been mentioned throughout the trial weren't collected. Kruse said it appeared that the items had been there long before Halee's body was found.

Kruse said he believes Halee was killed at the Alcoa Soccer Fields, where her body was found.

The state said they now intend to play the full interrogation video after they said they would not on Tuesday.

With the state now planning to show the video, the defense said they can't begin their testimony on Thursday.

After the judge denied the motion for a mistrial, Philips said he is going to file an appeal and requested to be released for the day.

Brittany Harry is in the courtroom.

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