Evansville man gives away bikes to children, adults in need

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A retired Evansville man is helping his neighbors in the Jacobsville area, showing others that giving and sharing makes for a better neighborhood.

76-year-old Lee Golden lives near Jacobsville Park. His name is just as it sounds. With what he does for his neighbors, you might say this man has a "golden" heart.

Golden and his wife, Nancy, say they've been fixing up old bicycles and giving them away to their neighbors in need over the past five years.

"I believe in God. I lived a rough life, and I just said I'd like to make a mark in the world, before I die," Golden said.

Over the years, Golden has fixed and given away hundreds of bicycles to kids and adults who need them. What keeps him going is simple, he says, despite living with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

"Well, I was raised up poor," Golden explains. "I can remember being hungry, and without things. I was in a children's home. I just have a tendency that I want to help people. Especially kids, children. That makes my day. You see the little faces go out smiling and everything," Golden said. "You can tell you're helping people. People has got so much better even in the neighborhood. They don't steal parts off of bikes no more since I've been doing this. The Evansville Police Department comes by and flashes their lights and checks at night. They've never done that before."

It's people like the Golden's that remind us of the power of kindness.

By the way, Golden also sells gently used bikes. He says he'll always accept donations to help fund his charity.

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