First Tri-State girl joins Cub Scouts

First Tri-State girl joins Cub Scouts
Eight-year-old Evellyn Houchin is the first girl in the region to join Cub Scouting.

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - History has been made in the Tri-State.

Boy Scouts of America's Buffalo Trace Council, located in Evansville, welcomed its first girl into Cub Scouting.

Eight-year-old Evellyn Houchin was not only the first, but the only girl to sign up for the opening day. She comes from a long line of Eagle Scouts in her family, and now she has the chance to finally become one.

"My grandpa said about 10; it's my grandpa, uncle, two great uncles, six of their cousins," Evellyn counted.

[To find a local Pack that is welcoming girls, contact the Eykamp Scout Center at (812) 423-5246]

"I think that one day we're going to have an Eagle Scout in Evellyn," said her father, Brett Houchin. "We're glad she has this opportunity."

In October last year, Boy Scouts of America announced it would allow girls into the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts programs. It's a step in allowing them to earn the coveted Eagle Scout ranking.

So far, thousands of girls around the country have joined hundreds of Cub Scout packs in the first roll out of the new policy.

Leaders say the changes fit a new era, reflecting shifting social and cultural norms that expect programs to be available to all genders, equally.

"We're excited to have Evellyn start her new adventure," said Buffalo Trace Council's District Director, Jennifer Whitaker.

For Whitaker and the Houchin's, they hope to inspire other girls to join Evellyn, too.

"I think she is brave and courageous to be the first one do it and be excited about it," said Evellyn's mom, Taylor. "She's excited to be at day camp and to get to have the opportunities that everyone else gets to have."

The Buffalo Trace Council off Stockwell Road in Evansville is having a Scout Camp this week starting Wednesday. They're expecting hundreds of kids out on the campus, and they're hoping even more come to sign up.

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