City council unanimously passes noise ordinance

City council unanimously passes noise ordinance

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The Evansville City Council unanimously passed a noise ordinance Monday.

The debate started earlier this year after people who live near KC's Marina Pointe complained about noise levels. The riverfront restaurant and bar has made efforts to control sound levels but city leaders are still looking into changing the current noise rules.

The changes include allowing the EPA as well as the EPD to enforce the levels.

"My goodness, we're asking all these medical school students to come here and professors," said Krista Lockyear, Attorney for KC's Marina Pointe. "I'd like my children, my child, and everybody's children to come back to Evansville, but now we're saying we're not going to embrace you if you're noisy. We should like a retirement community."

"In every single solitary room in my house, my master closet, the interior bathrooms, the place I go if there was a storm, I can hear this thump, thump, thump all night, until three o'clock in the morning," explained Stacy Stevens, Harbour's Edge resident.

Stevens says the volume itself is not the issue, it's the pounding bass. She says an ordinance based on the decibel level alone won't solve the problem.

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